Gqoka Lezi 10 Izinto ZeTable Mountain Cold

Amathikithi e-Table Mountain aseyatholakala manje! ? Chofoza lapha


Whether or not it is cold on Table Mountain, one must always maintain a light jacket, due to winds and sun protection. Cape Town weather does change.

Altitudes of Table Mountain, at around 1km above sea level, hosts a different climate to that in Cape Town city. The resulting weather is colder.

Nokho, this is not to say that you can’t go bare-chested on the mountain, like a caveman exploring his or her cityscape, cha. Keep a jacket in a backpack.

Get excited, but also remember that in Cape Town, a city of four seasons in one day, anything can happen – and that includes the occasional cold weather.

Venture out onto the trail overlooking a city of millions of people. Take in the wildlife, untouched natural beauty and elegance of the Mother City.

Explore the unknown, but always remember that the temperatures on the mountain, North Face, are around 10 degrees Celsius on a cold day.

Not to say that the average winter in Cape Town does not display higher temperatures; it’s that Western Cape is next to the Atlantic.

Being close to the sea does have it’s benefits, like taking a swim at Clifton, or viewing Boulder Beach penguins hop over granite rocks.

Most days in Cape Town, warmer weather with low humidity takes charge, cloud cover falls away at noon, and the afternoon winds pick up around 14:00.

Table Mountain is unique for its cloud cover; a distinctive white blanket called theTable Clothcovers Cape Town on an average day, bringing cold wind.

Is Table Mountain colder than the city?” Yebo, best search the weather on the monstrous beast other than Googling the drought in Cape Town.

Such temperatures, ngokwesilinganiso, are much colder than zones surrounding the Mother City. Take, for example, the CBD area of Cape Town.

When compared to Table Mountain weather, Cape Town CBD is so much warmer. Because of the climate on the slopes hosting all types of plants.

The Atlantic Ocean also plays a factor when considering the moist air from the sea, pushing inwards in Cape Town, in what is known as acold front.

On a typical day in Cape Town, mornings start with the cold front, a breezy seafront air, and later heat up with the afternoon sun.

Often, on days like these, there is a cloud cover on top of Table Mountain, called theTable Cloth,” the white sheet-like covering over the breadth.

Nokho, the cold does not mean fresh, by Capetonian standards, the weather on Table Mountain is more relaxed than the city but not cold like ice.

The cold weather during summer is around 20 degrees Celsius, which is by no means cold, and the winter brings a low of about 7-10 degrees Celsius.

That leaves the rest up to visitorsimagination; there is by no means cold weather in Cape Town, as seen in the Antarctic and other countries south of the equator.

North of the equator also sees a higher than average winter freeze, with colder temperatures than Table Mountain as far as minus forty degrees and more.

ITable Mountain, in comparison, is the cotton candy of the ranges. A measly 10 degrees in winter is not the cold, which one would expect of a high top.

Those temperatures are not something that you’d expect out of the movie Frozen, different people like to keep it fresh, but locals like it warm.

Expect excellent views, great weather, kanye nendawo yokudlela enhle kakhulu ongabuka kuyo amafu agingqika yihora ngehora e-Café Mountain Mountain.

Gqoka Lezi 10 Izinto ZeTable Mountain Cold

Ubusika obubalulekile bugqoka iTable Mountain eKapa. Gwema amakhaza bese uzifudumeza ngalokhu 10 izinto zokugqoka zeTable Mountain.

I-Light pullover - Isiphephetha-moya ngoJuni-Julayi.

UJuni-Julayi izinyanga zobusika eKapa, kepha okunye ikakhulukazi kunelanga. Ngisho nasebusika, izinsuku zingakhanya, hlala ohlangothini oluphephile - ulethe ipullover.

Sunhat – Keeps the heat inside the cap.

Sunhat is essential for BOTH summer and winter, reason because no-one wants to have their scalp burn, or their head freeze, be wise and improvise.

Closed shoes – Boots or regular shoes.

Comfortable shoes closed at the toes are suitable for Table Mountain. Walking on top is saturated with plants, some thorny – so be a boss and wear it closed.

Thick socks – To keep you warmer.

Socks are thick enough when you can not feel the nearest bush prick. The ability to wear thick socks saves visitors the scratches on their ankles – and warmth.

Table Mountain tickets – pre-bought online.

Pre-buy your tickets to Table Mountain online with our nifty, quick service to find low-cost bundled tickets to the Aerial Cableway within a matter of minutes.

Café entrance – included with high tickets.

Go to the Café with Table Mountain tickets. Queue at the line to get a delicious buffer section or take some of the pre-made food on your plate.

Pants or jeans – Thicker waterproof material.

Short pants or jeans during summer, and long trousers during the winter. Wearing thicker than regular pants will also save you warmth and nasty plant pricks.

Light t-shirt – Easy to remove jacket in heat.

Comfortable and light, wear a t-shirt under the thin pullover or windbreaker. During summer, t-shirts save visitors the sweat of having a long-sleeve.

Mittens or gloves – Put hands inside.

Kittens are cute and fluffy – so are mittens, zilethe ezandleni ezifudumele njengenhliziyo yakho lapho ubuka lezo ezithandekayo, amavidiyo wekati ahlekisayo.

Isiphuzo esishisayo - Ikhofi, itiye, noma utshwala.

Iphuze empompini noma uyi-ode ngokuthanda kwakho ngaphezulu kwendawo yokudlela ne-café yeTable Mountain. Khetha ekukhetheni okubanzi kweziphuzo.

Ngokufigqiwe, izinto ezingenhla zisindisa izivakashi inkinga yokuthola izinto zokuhlala zifudumele ngaphezulu, noma ngabe uhamba nomuntu noma uhamba wedwa.

Keep safe by bringing with all of the items on the checklist and remember to jot down some ideas of your own – maybe they are better than average.

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