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Pat’s Experience

Pat was in Cape Town with her husband last winter. They saw some things to do in Cape Town, like hiking, but none appeared more appealing than the one and only Table Mountain. Natural Parks are always an excellent choice of things to do in Cape Town and especially that they found some time during winter with clear skies. 케이프 타운 겨울철 날씨는 보통 춥지 만 비가 많이 내리거나 흐리지 않습니다.. Pat이 할 다음 일은 테이블 마운틴 티켓을 구입하는 것이 었습니다.! 훌륭함 – 패스를 찾는 것보다 하루를 시작하는 방법. 그녀는 티켓을 쉽게 구하기 위해 어두운 곳에서 웹을 샅샅이 뒤졌습니다., 하지만 아아, 아무것도 없었다.
그녀가 웹 사이트를 찾을 때까지! 이 사이트는 테이블 마운틴 티켓을 합리적인 가격으로 온라인으로 구매할 수있는 가장 쉬운 방법이며 패스가 번들로 포함되어 있습니다.. 서비스와 함께 티켓 판매 중, 그리고 그녀는 쉽게 받아 들였다. 팻은 케이프 타운이 위험한 편이 될 수 있다는 것을 알았 기 때문에 똑똑했습니다.. 테이블 마운틴 티켓’ 웹 사이트는 그녀가 테이블 마운틴 여행을 커버하는 데 필요한 모든 것에 대한 직접적인 정보를 제공했습니다.. 케이프 타운에서 할 일이 하나 밖에 남지 않았습니다..
다음, 그녀는 티켓을 가지고 케이블카에 탑승하기로 결정했습니다.. 너무 덥지 않지만 너무 춥지 않은 하루는 산에서 하루를 보내기에 완벽합니다.. Table Mountain Café는 대부분의 날 열렸습니다., and they thought they could have a hot drink on top of the hill and take the free Table Mountain tour. So they planned ahead and checked Cape Town weather. It was not long before they came across reports for the next day being sunny enough and also fitting to their plans for the afternoon. They thought that if they took the Cable Car in the afternoon around 5pm, then they would be there for sunset at 7pm.
Cable Car closes at around 7-8pm, so they thought that it would make an ideal time for picture taking. Sunset in Cape Town is particularly unique, or so they heard, so they set out on the 5pm shuttle for the Cable Car. Getting there was comfortable with their hotel transport, and Google Maps South Africa made it even easier to find the tickets booth, which they found out that they didn’t need to wait in line because they had pre-purchased their tickets online through this website. This time-saving activity can save 2 시간. The ticket line was empty, but that was because it was a colder than usual winter in Cape Town, and it was cool.
The Cable Car was ready to board at the Lower Aerial Cable Way, and Pat, wanting to wait for her husband, took a few photos of the Cableway from below, facing up. Table Mountain was seen from below Cape Town at a vantage point without limits. Table Mountain 3km long flat and 1km towering high made for picture taking before her husband went on the Cable Car ride with her for 4 ½ minutes. 360-degree rotating platform and the opportunity to snap photos along the way helped this couple establish their surroundings and view the V&A Waterfront from above Cape Town on the Cable Car.
Upper Cable Car was no different, there were views of Table Mountain in all directions. It was afternoon, and Pat made the decision to grab some lunch at the café, a restaurant on top of Table Mountain with a buffet section and some delicious food! Pat’s husband joined along, and they ate outside at the highest restaurant in Cape Town. It was a fantastic experience, and Pat cherished this view for a long, long time. Next was to explore the top of the mountain and to meet the Dassies. Little furry creatures like Dassies take all the photos and sun on top of Table Mountain. Dassies bath in the sun and make for excellent photography. They like the sun, eating, drinking, and taking photos with the tourists in exchange for some food. Luckily Pat still had some leftover snacks, so she fed the Dassies a bit too early before reading the sign. No feeding Dassies allowed on Table Mountain National Park. Why? Because they bite humans.
To finish off the day, Pat and her husband took some photos near the Upper Aerial Cableway and set up their camera for a majestic sunset over Cape Town, Atlantic Seaboard. The views were great, and the evening was much more beautiful than they thought. After a quick catch up with the sun, they headed down Table Mountain in the Cable Car with their return tickets. Short lines made it easier to get down Table Mountain, and they left a suggested 10 minutes after sunset was finished, therefore avoiding the masses of people which headed down after them for the last cable car down. Perfect choice for those short of time or who want to experience the most cost-effective and time-saving Table Mountain tickets. No doubt, Pat had fun with her husband while taking in the safety precautions on top of the national park. Beautiful, isn’t it – she thought. There was so much time for photos and to enjoy the beauty as well as take photos. Made possible with the help of Table Mountain Tickets, an updated source of information made available online to all who seek the keywordsTable Mountain Tickets.
After all of that, they headed back to their hotel in the CBD of Cape Town and enjoyed South African wine on their view porch. Just what their wine tour guide had advised them to go after a long day trip in Cape Town. Next time they planned on seeing Table Mountain in the morning because that is when they heard that Cape Town weather was at it’s best and that all of the Dassies are more on the move! The wild animals are also out looking for food early in the morning, and even the birds sing a happy tune.

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