Table Mountain Day Trip Exploring Duration

How Much Time Do You need For Table Mountain

The amount of time that one needs to visit Table Mountain depends on the purpose of travel. Whether for nature, hiking, or the cable car. Sightseeing is another typical pattern of visitors coming to view Table Mountain.

Most, しかしながら, spend a fair amount of time on top. Table Mountain hosts visitors on average for 2-3 hours for a reasonable amount of time. ほとんどの日, しかしながら, could get busy. On busy days, the cable car could take an additional 1-3 時間, making the average time spent on Table Mountain up to 6 時間. Half-day trips in Cape Town, such as a 6 時間テーブルマウンテン遠征, リラックスして都会の生活から解放することをお勧めします. ほとんどの人は平均して 4 テーブルマウンテン空中ケーブルウェイの最上階のデッキでの時間, ケープタウンの景色を望む. 大多数, でも, 新しいことをすべて見逃すかもしれません 7 自然の驚異は提供する必要があります, ハイキングを含む, バードウォッチング, and photography.

テーブルマウンテンでやるべきこと カフェやレストランでリラックスした休憩をとるのと同じくらい多様です, 温かい飲み物で. An example of an average time to go up Table Mountain usually has these components.

Essentials of Table Mountain Visiting

Visit the cable car early – Get an early start to your day

Table Mountain day-trips during the morning can be a better start to your day, with Table Mountain tickets. Hand in the cards to get early access.

Getting an early start will afford you the time to avoid the crowd, hordes of people that go there for the mid-morning rush.

正午までに降りる前に、ゆっくりと日差しを浴びてください。. ケープタウンセントラルで軽食や外食.

テーブルマウンテンも早く始まります, できるだけ早く 8:30 朝のチケットで. 最初にそこに着いて、混雑の少ない日を楽しんでください.




Most people searching for sunset specials are looking for those tickets to Table Mountain during the peak hours of the afternoon.

We’d recommend taking a sunset cable car up and relaxing on top of the Upper Aerial Cableway and restaurant.

Must-do things on top of Table Mountain

Table Mountain café (30 分 – 1 時間)

Table Mountain café has all the buzz without the added hassle of getting stuck in a queue. Buffet options are available with a selection of drinks.

We’d recommend the Table Mountain croissant with a glass of white wine for sunset, or a breakfast of eggs and bacon with a coffee/tea.

The most delicious thing about the café is that there is a wide selection. Everybody can eat well on top of the Mountain for a reasonable cost.

Visitors are lucky enough to view the desk of the restaurant with Table Mountain tickets, keep your eyes full till the next meal.

Dassie sightings (5-15 分)




彼らがあなたに飛び乗ってシャキーラにカラオケを歌い始めた場合にのみ彼らを撫でてください 2010 FIFAサッカーワールドカップヒット.

Wash your hands after touching the Dassies because they may carry germs, lice, or mountain dirt.

Photography (15-45 分)

There is so much to photograph on Table Mountain, whether the birds and the bees or the lush green climate extending as far as Cape Point.

Take time to absorb the views from Table Mountain at 1km above sea level. Accordingly, marvel at nature’s beauty and snap some photos.

Social media like Facebook is full of age-old posts of Table Mountain Cape Town, some with new captions about past trips.

Post your moments about Table Mountain and extend your trip with Vlogs and postings about your travels in South Africa.

Most of the travel South Africa blogs include Table Mountain as the prized possession of their media inventory.

Relax (5-15 分)

Relax on top of Cape Townshighlands, a modest peak of over 1km. Spectacular views and the most unobstructed vantages.

Put or dangle feet over large boulders, some dozens of meters high. Revel in nature on a relaxing fifteen-minute experience.

Find out what it is that you need to relax on the Mountain and take a day trip to one of Cape Town’s first mountains.

Sometimes there are secluded spots, hidden from plain sight, without the people on the path, without footsteps – only natural sounds.

Ending Table Mountain day-trip

Line up at the cable car (15-30 分)

The most exciting part of the journey is the return trip down. Table Mountain has fantastic views in 360 degrees on the Cable Car.

Find your spot among seventy other people on the revamped Aerial Cableway. Let yourself feel the wind out of the windows.

The cable car does not upset the balance of nature and harmony. Take photos at a leisurely pace.

Sometimes the line can get long while waiting for the Table Mountain cable car at the end of a day trip, so take some views in at the upper deck.

Snatch souvenirs (15-30 分)

Before heading down on the cable car, Table Mountain shop has all the things you need to bring back home.

Try buying some of their souvenirs such as bags, plants, mugs or t-shirts –been there done that.

Fussing over having a tax-free customs package with a slip, Table Mountain shop does all the packing for customers.

In summary, most people choose to take an average of 2-3 時間 with the uppermost percentage looking to spend a half-day on the Mountain.