5 Feiten over wandelpaden in Kaapstad


There are many routes down Table Mountain but none so elusive than the trail, which requires walking. Platteklip is the name of the main trail to walk down.

Other trails are less popular, yet allure even the most frequent of travelers, these routes go under different names, but you can count on them being a challenge.

India Venster, the name of the route on Table Mountain, is preferred by those gifted with rock climbing skills, while Skeleton Gorge is another ball game.

Green, lush and dense rain forest populates the Skeleton Gorge route, and with it, the opportunity to get lost. Listen to these five facts about Cape Town walking trails.

5 Feiten over wandelpaden in Kaapstad

Walk down Table Mountain is usually a no-ones cup of tea. Table Mountain’s harsh conditions are suitable for the best hikers, climbers, and misinformed population.

Harsh conditions made up the Table Mountain walking paths, including the number of steps, routes, and joined trails, which effects the time down.

An average number of steps up Table Mountain is around 15 000, and we would count those steps – steep downwards incline, on the way down.

Conquering Table Mountain requires special attention to these 5 Facts about Cape Town walking trails. Start walking down Table Mountain well-equipped.

#1 Number of Steps

Look at your feet, then lookup. Table Mountain duration takes a while longer than most anticipate because of the number of steps to hike down.

Initiate a downwards walk with a pedometer and enough water to last you on the trail. Platteklip Gorge is the fastest route down while Skeleton Gorge the longest.

The number of steps on Platteklip is around 15 000 steps for an average hike down Table Mountain, while other courses are much more due to roundabouts.

Since the number of steps is least to walk down Table Mountain on with Platteklip, we recommend starting on the most common trail.

#2 Different Routes

Different routes down Table Mountain means that there are multiple options to descend the massive pathways. Those routes are linking and single.

Platteklip Gorge is the most common route, no need to go looking elsewhere for different ways. Unless an adventure is your thing, stick to Platteklip.

Other courses are named “India Venster,” “Skeleton Gorge,” and “Pipe Track.” All these trails have one thing in common, which we are exploring shows.

Commonalities of the above paths include things like joining trails. So that means that all three other trails at some or another point, join other trails.

#3 Joining trails

Most of the above trails, mainly India Venster, Skeleton Gorge, and Platteklip Gorge, have some way of joining other walking paths on Table Mountain.

There are more than 100 different trails to hike up the Table Top, so why not include the 1000’s of other combinations of hiking Table Mountain.

Visitors need not know them all! – Have to Catch Em All, Not. Pokemon would be possible on the trail; echter, we don’t recommend it without a map.

If you are a mountain enthusiast and have to catch them all, then take a moment to hire a proper guide, qualified in the art of basic walking.

#4 Walk downtime

The time it takes to walk down Table Mountain is around 3 hours of constant flip-flopping. Draai je om en pak de kabelbaan met onze tickets.

In sommige seizoenen is het sneller om naar beneden te wandelen wanneer de wachtrij voor tickets is 3-4 uur voor Tafelberg, maar dan leveren we vooraf gekochte passen.

Genoeg over de wandeltijd, er is behoorlijk wat personeel voor nodig, en een rugzak gevuld met Twinkie-snoepjes – of koekjes als je met je hond bent.

Reken op de tijd die het kost om de Tafelberg af te lopen. Het duurt een goede 3 of 4 uur wandelen. Dat brengt ons bij de veiligheid van aftreden.

#5 Veiligheid van naar beneden lopen

Tafelberg is in het nieuws geweest, vaker toewijzen voor schadelijk dan positief. We stellen dat de Tafelberg gevaarlijk blijft als je alleen wandelt.

Wandel altijd in groepen op de Tafelberg, en dat omvat paden zoals Platteklip, Skeleton Gorge, and India Venster. Genoeg macho man of de vrouwelijke gelijke.

Table Moutain remains a hotspot for hikers crime, also dangerous for those who stay on the unknown paths before and after dark.

Information on buying Table Mountain tickets is abundant, safer, and more convenient than walking down. We suggest you get on the bandwagon early.

samengevat, Table Mountain is a National Park with beautiful walking trails, some dangerous and others not. We recommend taking the cable car in Cape Town.

Safer and more convenient than walking down Table Mountain, the Aerial Cableway takes under five minutes to descend the flat mountain.

Bring a day backpack with you if you are a hiker, enthusiast and trail expert who wants to experience it all, make sure to have our tickets one-way.

Most people hike up and take the cable car down, een geprefereerde methode om iemands schema voor een dagtrip naar Kaapstad op de Tafelberg te regelen.

Nadien, er is zoveel meer te doen, zoals Cape Point, Kaap de Goede Hoop en Boulders Beach. De hele wereld kan niet genoeg zijn voor Kaapstad.

Genieten van de Moederstad kan een vakantie met perspectief zijn, Tafelberg en alles met zijn eersteklas ongerepte uitzichten over Kaapstad.

Zodra de vakantie voorbij is, bekijk zeker enkele foto's van de tijd dat je de Tafelberg afliep, het zal zeker echte tijden terugbrengen.

Photos aren’t the only way to enjoy Cape Town, and hikers can step up and walk down Table Mountain without a camera to take pictures.

Both, excellent choices of either hiking up Table Mountain and walking down, or taking the cable car. Advanced booking for Table Mountain tickets on our site.

Hiking requires shoes, a sunhat, en more things that we recommend you use found in our other article about Table Mountain weather and items to bring.

Take a moment to think; your trip has not started. The journey is not over, and the fun has just begun, look forward to the Table Mountain adventure this season.