List of 10 Reasons That Make Table Mountain Special

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Table Mountain is the name of the flat top in Cape Town, 在約1公里高處並受到尊重. 在當地,這座山是驕傲之源.



桌山的大多數植物物種都是西開普省獨有的, 植物僅存在於南非這一事實是本土的.

普羅蒂亞國王之類的植物被納入野生動植物, part of the Cape Nature Reserve, an expansive section widening hundreds of km.

Table Mountain National Park is the section of South Africa, broadening a span of hundreds of nautical miles.

Animals, 觀察桌山的線路, plants and so on, are also part of the widened area of Table Mountain park.

South Africa included Table Mountain into part of the countries cultural significance, limiting buildings and land reclamation.

Plant species on the national park, not found elsewhere either outside of South African countries or surrounding territories.

Table Mountain is even more unique; there is a magnificent viewpoint, right outside the Aerial Cableway.

Taking a cable car up in under 5 分鐘 is the preferred way of getting on top of the mountain.

If not for the cable car, Table Mountain takes a whole 2-3 hours of fantastic hiking, scenic views, and wildlife.

Separating Cape Town from the national park is not possible because Cape Town built on Table Mountain.

Outside Cape Town, extending as far as Cape Point, 好望角, more than 100kms away, is also Table Mountain.

The reserve, called “Cape Nature Reserve,” by locals, is a protected wildlife area. Communities of indigenous tribal people exist in the area.

Cape Nature reserve is a wild stretch of land, so far as the eye can see. There are many types of plants, animals, and people coexisting.

Zulu tribal clans exist in the mountains of South Africa, among other tribes called the natives.

African natives, before the time of the colonization, existed in harmony with nature, as with all major continents.

Most countries have a history of people living in nature, such as the North American Indians, and the Amazonian clans.

Cape Town is no different from the tribal people of the world. There are different nationalities, cultures, and racial segments.

Categorized into people, with their own beliefs of religion, ancestors, and other factors, including gods, 南非, is diverse.

The most beautiful thing about Cape Town is the diversity of people. One can say that there are more people than plants!

Let alone visiting all of the places in Cape Town, South Africa hosts a vast and varied climate. Along with Table Mountain Nature reserve.

The national park in Cape Town is part of the culture, 人們, and beliefs of the country. Many people mistaken Table Mountain for a following.

當然, there are those people who worship the mountain, and it’s not a following like Instagram, 不, plan, and simple appreciation.


南非山上空氣新鮮. 桌山是許多人崇拜的地方–與耶穌基督相似.

開普敦的人們欣賞他們擁有的自然, 這就是桌山如此獨特的另一個原因.

當地人保護這座山,因為他們知道這座山是福氣的來源, 清新的空氣, 和可持續的生活.

桌山的水為大壩供水, bringing H20 to many peoples lives in the Mother City.

List of 10 Reasons That Make Table Mountain Special

1. Table Mountain is culturally significant.

The cultures of South Africa have all assimilated Table Mountain into their different daily lives, routine, and lifestyle.

2. The mountain is a natural wonder.

New 7 Wonder Of Nature as Table Mountain is listed as a World Heritage site and protected by law.

3. Locals enjoy hiking the mountain.

Table Mountain hikes are a preferred way by the capable, choosing to take Platteklip over the cable car.

4. Foreigners can sightsee the view.

Tourists are welcome to bring their friends, 家庭, and loved ones to Table Mountain National Park, enjoy the view.

5. Most people need time off work.

Take time off a schedule, intertwined with busy calls, excel, and over the top requests by bossy staff.

6. Table Mountain is eye-pleasing.

The waterfront hosts a beautiful view of the Cape Town reserve, most prominently seen at the V&在管道軌道之後.

7. Water comes from Table Mt.

Clean water, a source of drinkable tap water, runs off of Table Mountain into the local reservoir.

8. Fresh air produced.

Most clean air in Cape Town comes from either one of two places. 一, the Atlantic Ocean and two, 桌山.

9. Animals coexist with nature.

Wildlife on the mountain includes various types of birds, wild game and those Dassies which tourists love.

10. Tickets get you to the top.

Table Mountain tickets are the preferred way by many who choose to summit the 1km high elegant mountain.

除了不扔垃圾, whoever asked the question of “是什麼讓桌山如此特別,” is in for a real treat when they see the mountain.

Table Mountain not only offers one type of people, one activity – no, some abundant choices and reasons make it unique.

One such reason is the natural aspect of the mountain, while others might be the cultural significance of the high top.

Incorporated into many cultures, beliefs, and religions, Table Mountain is here to stay and is a source of South African pride.

Nature is right in Cape Town, and those wanting to see something more can explore the outdoors and visit Table mountain.

Get there at the right time or explore the tickets on offer, before setting foot on the trail. Table Mountain has several versatile options.

Tickets for the flat top mountain are on sale at low-cost prices via our website; discounts are available on some deals.