10 Best Steps To Find Table Mountain Parking


開普敦炎熱的夏天, 您正在尋找停車位,卻找不到一個 (在桌山上).

How are you supposed to park when everyone seems to navigate the road like monkeys? 好, let’s see where you can park.

Table Mountain is tight, so tight that you’d have a tough time spotting the open parking – that is why we made this guide.

You’ll need it – trust me when I stay that we’re sure that you’re going to need it during summer, there are some tips.

Let’s look at how to park on Table Mountain’s Tafelburg Road, during summer when there are too many people.

Thousands of people gather DAILY for Table Mountain cable car, that is why it’s essential to know where to put your vehicle.

Parking is available along the main Tafelburg Road without much room; it’s easy to mistaken this road for a car park!

Without finding the right parking space, you could take an additional小時– better to find the impossible.

We’re here, so show the visitor that it IS possible to find parking along Table Mountain Road – and we’re going to show you how.

Follow these ten steps to find parking along Table Mountain. Starting with the most obvious one, time of day.

I am proceeding to the subtle but not so obvious one about the parking attendants – unofficial and official staff of the Aerial Cableway.

10 Best Steps To Find Table Mountain Parking

#1 You’re late

Most people arrive late to Table Mountain; unsurprisingly, they are unable to find parking along Tafelburg Road.

Better to arrive early to find parking along Table Mountain Road. Arrive as early as 7:30 am to find better cable car spaces.

As soon as you arrive, look for the nearest available parking spot near the lower Aerial Cableway, there are no signs.

Once arrived, look out for the road markings to denote designated parking for visitors with the WHITE LINES.

#2 Wrong Space

Some things fit into unusual places, but cars do not fit inside the RED and YELLOW lines. Moreso tickets are issued.

Traffic police give tickets to visitors parking along with those prohibited lines, so watch out for the guys in blue sporting fake Raybans.

Aerial Cableway is compliant and complicit to complaints lodged by either visitors having their cars parked in or themselves.

So keep on the right side of the line and park along with the Table Mountain cable car where it is safe.

#3 Unsafe parking

Many complain about the lack of vigilance on the part of the community for CAR BREAK-INS. Watch out for number 3.

Hotspots for crime include Table Mountain, why? Because it’s an easy target. Criminals love to target cars with belongings.

Safely proceed up the cable car WITH all of your personal belongings, including wallets, ID, and cellphones.

Unsafe parking is a community effort aimed at limiting the number of crime incidences happening in Table Mountain Cape Town.

#4 Best areas

Below Table Mountain is a host of parking spaces near the entrance to the Pipe Track, keep note – you’re welcome.

Other parking areas that offer the best in terms of availability during peak season are the Platteklip Gorge entrance.

If still, the cable car is busy, then try just before the taxi parking, even in front of the India Venster and ticket office entrance.

Nevertheless, if the cable car is working, then no luck, you just hit a wrong day, or you are too late. Try again tomorrow or wait a few minutes.

#5 Seasons differ

Winter is different from summer, and so on, keep to the seasons on Table Mountain that are off-peak – like winter.

The weather in winter is also good, no complaints and the days are perfect for Table Mountain without parking issues.

Now complain about Table Mountain’s parking, speaking of which, let’s ask the Cableway to invest in some proper shuttles.

Services from Cable Town, like City Sightseeing, offer transport in terms of their touring tickets services.

#6 Inefficient cars

One person per car for four people fitting inside a car can build up quickly on Table Mountain – invite some friends.

Families are right, there are no complaints more other than the SUV which parks nearly 1.5 spaces.

Remember to park on the lines when using a large vehicle. Cars are inefficient when compared to shuttle busses parking.

Tour vehicles have it easy; right outside the ticket sales office, there are parking spaces conveniently located for vans.

#7 Special assistance

Wheelchairs are permitted to enter the Cableway access zone, usually limited to drop-offs.

The round-about type intersection can handle only a few cars at a time – so move on when not being used.

Staff at the cable car will assure you to move on while the next vehicle steps in to deliver the guest or tour bus.

More parking is available! Stay tuned about how you can find secure parking to Table Mountain cable car.

#8 Conned sections

Bribery is rife in Cape Town; some call it the worst pandemic of the twenty-first century after COVID-19.

Illegal parking attendants working at the Table Mountain Cableway make use of conned sections.

At work, they “claim” these sections for their use and make use of illicit tactics to extort money from foreigners.


#9 看

看起來可以成為禮物. 在那小部分看到兩車相隔的停車位? 那是你的.

準備好前往桌山纜車停車場. 有一個或兩個空間相遇.

很少有人不去的地方; 他們確實發生了, 做好應對意外情況的準備.

If you do arrive to come across any parking space that does have your name on it – take it and worry later.

#10 Parking guards

They are not parking guards, and they will make your money. Do not leave any cash unattended in your car insight.

大多數在桌山索道“工作”, 有些甚至沒有憑證.


他們確實有幫助,但是經常, 數量不多-停車服務員可能會幫助您找到停車位。