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在您去桌山的前一天在 Google 上查看

This fantastic beast of a mountain is well worth the sightseeing – even a toddler could enjoy the flat-topped mountain.

Table Mountain is a massive natural disaster, rising from the ocean floors some 330 一百万年前.

Today it (桌山) towers over 1km high, stretching 3km wide. Overwhelming to the naked eye.


大多数人都知道这座山是塔费尔堡 (又名桌山). 本地命名为“桌面”.

一旦购买了旧计时器的票,就无法回头. 一个人必须乘坐索道.

只要 4 ½分钟, 然后变成一个完整的 360 全方位方向. 从机械上讲,空中索道是杰作.

二十多年前德国制造, 空中索道旨在将乘客运送到桌山.

Housing more than two dozen people, original tickets bought to the Cape Town attraction was painfully slow.

如今, the Cable car boosts an upgraded ticket system and supports over 70 人 (that’s right seventy!).

Systems in place for upgrades provide a competitive edge to the monopolies on the Cableway – no point arguing here.

Demand has soared recently, as the event of FIFA 2010 Soccer world cup brought Table Mountain to light.

Famous songs of Cape Town include Shakira’s Waka Wakaeh eh,” and other locally known artists.

Those singers are bolstering Cape Town’s international tourism to its most beautiful in decades with the recent advancements in technology.

票价根据桌山空中索道年度维修情况而定, 每年自然发生一次.


TMACC 是桌山空中索道的管理公司. 该组织支持营利性计划.

尽管如此, 支持的是 TMACC 带来旅游业的倡议和保护野生动物的努力.

旅游业是桌山门票的第一产业, 尽管南非人也有机会.


那些有需要的人可以申请一个支持计划,除了与实现梦想的人——南非公司 WISH.



南非公民的生日特惠和长者优惠全包 (对不起外国人) –对于那些想乘坐缆车旅行的人.

我们支持外国人在生日那天也应该免费获得桌山门票. 毕竟–一个国家.


为其他国家的公民生日提供免费门票的另一个好处是宣传. Unbelievable quality.

Well-educated foreigners – those who mainly travel to Cape Town, have unprecedented levels of quality education.

更重要的是, those tickets that freely provided offer an opportunity for better tourism, increasing sales rates.

Without waiting, let’s introduce you to frequently asked questions about 桌山空中索道门票价格.

Most of these are common knowledge, but some might surprise you. Stay tuned for four questions about ticket prices.


Besides some shenanigans such as Table Mountain free birthday special, we are going to debunk some common myths.
Let’s not get too excited because the common myths might be self-explanatory. I am reviewing the next four questions.
It only takes four questions because those are the most common, now begin withHow much does a Table Mountain ticket cost?”.
After proceeding to visitors buying tickets at the Cableway (rather than online), we explore what the best time to ascend is.

#1 How much does a Table Mountain ticket cost?

My oh my, it’s a Table Mountain ticket! Willy Wonka’s factory is around the corner. 一张通往桌山的黄金门票?
太棒了, 最先进的, 开普敦最雄伟的山峰的新年缆车票.
你已经兴奋了吗? 我知道我们是因为桌山门票成本比以往任何时候都低. 特价商品在这里!
在我们的网站上找到桌山门票费用, 在这个页面上包括, 是当年的更新价格.

#2 游客可以在桌山索道买票吗?

是的——但你应该这样做吗? 不. 当然, 桌山有买票的方法; 有些比其他的好.
Table Mountain Tickets 是索道信息和捆绑门票的提供商, 比当天买好.
桌山索道无法在旺季接待游客, 需要一个多小时才能排队.
本网站提供的门票是许多人选择购买桌山门票的首选方式. 我们同意.

#3 什么时候上桌山缆车最好?

Best times go hand in hand with Cape Town weather. Some prefer mornings, while others enjoy afternoons.
We’d say pick the time that works for you and worry about the rest later. Be concerned if it’s raining or wind is above 30km/h.
通常, during those times, the cable car is closed, and you’ll have to make other arrangements. A following day is an option.
最经常, tickets used in the morning with afternoons being the second-best option. The afternoon is equally popular.

#4 Can visitors go up Table Mountain for free on a birthday?

是与否, 也许. 取决于您是否是南非公民, 我们认为每个人都应该自由.
不幸, Table Mountain Aerial Cableway 已选择持有效身份证件说明 SA 起源的人只允许免费.
这些包括南非身份证,但也可以与老年人和 SA 企业的 Cableway 谈判交易.
综上所述, 这些是桌山空中索道票价的常见问题.