Tafelberg Tagesausflug Erkundungsdauer

How Much Time Do You need For Table Mountain

The amount of time that one needs to visit Table Mountain depends on the purpose of travel. Whether for nature, hiking, or the cable car. Sightseeing is another typical pattern of visitors coming to view Table Mountain.

Most, jedoch, spend a fair amount of time on top. Table Mountain hosts visitors on average for 2-3 hours for a reasonable amount of time. Most days, jedoch, could get busy. On busy days, the cable car could take an additional 1-3 Std, making the average time spent on Table Mountain up to 6 Std. Half-day trips in Cape Town, such as a 6 hour Table Mountain expedition, are recommended to relax and destress from city life. Most people want to take an average of 4 hours on the uppermost deck of the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, with views over Cape Town. The majority, though, may miss out on all that the New 7 Wonder of Nature has to offer, including hiking, birdwatching, and photography.

Things to do on Table Mountain even are as varied as taking a relaxing break at the Café and restaurant, with a hot beverage. Ein Beispiel für eine durchschnittliche Zeit, um den Tafelberg hinaufzusteigen, besteht normalerweise aus diesen Komponenten.

Grundlagen des Tafelbergbesuchs

Besuchen Sie die Seilbahn früh - Starten Sie früh in den Tag

Tagesausflüge am Tafelberg am Morgen können ein besserer Start in den Tag sein, mit Tafelberg Tickets. Geben Sie die Karten ab, um frühzeitig Zugang zu erhalten.

Ein früher Start gibt Ihnen die Zeit, der Menge auszuweichen, Horden von Menschen, die für den Ansturm am Vormittag dorthin gehen.

Take it easy and get in some early sunshine before heading down before noon. Snack or eat out in Cape Town Central.

Table Mountain also starts early, as soon as 8:30 with the morning tickets. Get there first and enjoy a less crowded day.

Go in the afternoon – Sunset specials are also popular

Sunset time on Table Mountain is that peaceful hour of the day that needs no commitment to other responsibilities.

The duration Table Mountain takes in the afternoon can be stretched out as needed.

Die meisten Leute, die nach Sunset-Specials suchen, suchen während der Hauptverkehrszeiten des Nachmittags nach Tickets für den Tafelberg.

Wir empfehlen, eine Sunset-Seilbahn zu nehmen und auf der Upper Aerial Cableway und dem Restaurant zu entspannen.

Ein Muss auf dem Tafelberg

Tafelberg Café (30 Protokoll – 1 Stunde)

Das Tafelberg-Café ist voller Begeisterung, ohne dass Sie sich in einer Warteschlange festsetzen müssen. Buffets mit einer Auswahl an Getränken sind erhältlich.

We’d recommend the Table Mountain croissant with a glass of white wine for sunset, or a breakfast of eggs and bacon with a coffee/tea.

The most delicious thing about the café is that there is a wide selection. Everybody can eat well on top of the Mountain for a reasonable cost.

Visitors are lucky enough to view the desk of the restaurant with Table Mountain tickets, keep your eyes full till the next meal.

Dassie sightings (5-15 Protokoll)

Dassies are frequent sightings on Table Mountain but do not get too carried away and pet the creatures because they bite humans.

Bring a camera and photograph these creatures munching on a thrown-out banana or one of the items disposed of in the garbage.

Feed them lots of love – at a distance and keep within one arm’s length of their sharp teeth and claws.

Pet them only if they jump on you and start to sing karaoke to Shakira’s 2010 FIFA soccer world cup hit.

Waschen Sie Ihre Hände, nachdem Sie die Dassies berührt haben, da diese möglicherweise Keime enthalten, Läuse, oder Bergschmutz.

Fotografie (15-45 Protokoll)

Auf dem Tafelberg gibt es so viel zu fotografieren, ob die Vögel und die Bienen oder das üppig grüne Klima bis nach Cape Point.

Nehmen Sie sich Zeit, um die Aussicht vom Tafelberg auf 1 km über dem Meeresspiegel zu genießen. Entsprechend, Bewundern Sie die Schönheit der Natur und machen Sie ein paar Fotos.

Social Media wie Facebook ist voll von uralten Posts von Table Mountain Cape Town, einige mit neuen Untertiteln über vergangene Reisen.

Post your moments about Table Mountain and extend your trip with Vlogs and postings about your travels in South Africa.

Most of the travel South Africa blogs include Table Mountain as the prized possession of their media inventory.

Relax (5-15 Protokoll)

Relax on top of Cape Townshighlands, a modest peak of over 1km. Spectacular views and the most unobstructed vantages.

Put or dangle feet over large boulders, some dozens of meters high. Revel in nature on a relaxing fifteen-minute experience.

Find out what it is that you need to relax on the Mountain and take a day trip to one of Cape Town’s first mountains.

Sometimes there are secluded spots, hidden from plain sight, without the people on the path, without footsteps – only natural sounds.

Ending Table Mountain day-trip

Line up at the cable car (15-30 Protokoll)

The most exciting part of the journey is the return trip down. Table Mountain has fantastic views in 360 degrees on the Cable Car.

Find your spot among seventy other people on the revamped Aerial Cableway. Let yourself feel the wind out of the windows.

The cable car does not upset the balance of nature and harmony. Take photos at a leisurely pace.

Sometimes the line can get long while waiting for the Table Mountain cable car at the end of a day trip, so take some views in at the upper deck.

Snatch souvenirs (15-30 Protokoll)

Before heading down on the cable car, Table Mountain shop has all the things you need to bring back home.

Try buying some of their souvenirs such as bags, plants, mugs or t-shirts –been there done that.

Fussing over having a tax-free customs package with a slip, Table Mountain shop does all the packing for customers.

Zusammenfassend, most people choose to take an average of 2-3 Std with the uppermost percentage looking to spend a half-day on the Mountain.