5 Reasons Not To Buy Tickets At Table Mountain

כרטיס-רכבל-2020- מציין מקום

האם אתה יכול לקנות כרטיסים בהר השולחן?

השאלה מתעוררת לעתים קרובות כל כך עד שמבקרים רוצים לרכוש כרטיסים בהר השולחן, במקום באינטרנט כמו רוב המטיילים. למרות זאת, הבה נקדיש רגע מדוע קניית כרטיסים בהר השולחן VS רכישת כרטיסים באינטרנט לא תהיה אפשרות עדיפה לחיסכון בזמן ובכסף.

קניית כרטיסים בהר השולחן

מלבד הגורמים המובהקים המרכיבים את הבחירה של מישהו לקנות כרטיסים בהר השולחן. בהשוואה לרכישת כרטיסים ביום או קנייה מקוונת כמו שרוב האנשים עושים. יש לקחת בחשבון גם גורמים אחרים, שעשוי להשפיע על בחירתו, including whether to buy tickets online for Table Mountain or to continue using the long line at the office.


No Planning In Advance Required

Let’s face it; planning on holiday is a NO-NO. Most people wing it on the day and go along with what the plans are of that day. Anything happens, and that’s ok. But there are sometimes when advanced planning is required, as in the case of weather permitting activities and Table Mountain Cable Car.

Less Weather Risk On The Day

Whether or not to go is a question, but the weather or not is a factor. Weather permitting days on Table Mountain include those without heavy rain, wind, or hail. Those days are far and few, למרות זאת, Table Mountain does experience its fair share of bad weather – so why plan and wing it too.

Less Cable Car Risk If Closed

Why not buy a ticket online – in your dreams. Then that way, you will save the risk of whether the Cable Car is closed – or not. Purchase tickets at the Aerial Cableway on the day permits those LAST-MINUTE changes to the schedule due to Cable Car closure. Better to buy tickets at Table Mountain?


Ridiculous Waiting Times In Line

The biggest one – Table Mountain Tickets kids you not! – There is a RIDICULOUS waiting time in front. The cable car is far ill-equipped to deal with influx. Tourists coming to Cape Town experience longer than usual waiting times during peaks, so, therefore, הדבר המומלץ היחיד לעשות הוא לקנות כרטיסים להר השולחן באופן מקוון - דרכנו.

מזג אוויר גשום חם או אור

מזג אוויר חם וגשם קל ביום שכיחים בקייפטאון; זו ארבע עונות בעיר ביום אחד. לכן אנו ממליצים לך לא להסתכן בגשם - להירטב, או על ידי הזעה עד שהוא ספוג או מטפטף מהמקלחת למעלה בבוקר קייפטאון מעונן וקנה את המעברים האלה באינטרנט וזה הרבה יותר נוח.

עמדת צד רחוב לא נוחה

Streetside is just the position of the passerby’s in Cape Town. There is a long line which is beside the street, so it gets hot with all the cars and trucks passing by. Sun is blazing in the sky; it’s not the right place to maintain the skin and SPF 100+ sunblock for more than an hour – Luckily, the line is 2-3 hours in summer.

Five reasons Not To Buy Tickets At Table Mountain

  1. You Will Regret Waiting In Line
    Haha – Your friends will be laughing at you when you tell them that it took you 2-3 hours to wait in line for Table Mountain tickets that you could have bought online within 2-3 דקות! Seriously, do the smart thing and buy your tickets online. Save all that time and more for waiting almost endlessly
  2. Never Buy Tickets On The Day
    Purchase tickets on the day in Cape Town, also mean that you are competing with the many people, like you who didn’t plan. Do the smart thing and Do Not Buy Your Tickets At Table Mountain. Better to buy online through a service like Tablemountaintickets.com with time guaranteed to be on your side.
  3. The Biggest Waste Of Holiday
    On holiday, what is better than to wait in line on a hot dayGreat, ey? Not, buy your tickets at Table Mountain? No, better to buy Table Mountain tickets online before the day so you can rest assured of a productive day in Cape Town. Don’t be concerned over making your day the most significant waste of a holiday.
  4. Why You Didn’t Buy Before
    Like a meme, “Y U Not Buy Before,” we would like to say, buy your tickets online before going to Cape Town, if you haven’t already purchased your tickets for the day, buy them online now. It only takes a few minutes, but you won’t regret it. It won’t be the statementWhy You Didn’t Buy Before.
  5. Looking At Other People
    Look at those people,” you might say as you board the cable car with friends, מִשׁפָּחָה, or close ones. “Losers,” your friends might say, orhaha,” they didn’t buy their Table Mountain tickets online. למרות זאת, let’s not forget that you could be them if you purchased tickets at Table Mountain.

    Buying Tickets Online

    Let’s look at some of the Pros and Cons of buying tickets online, VS buying tickets at Table Mountain. Again, some of these are apparent, but that doesn’t stop people from buying tickets on the day in Cape Town for Table Mountain. Look closer at the detail, revealing that it’s BETTER to buy before arriving in CPT.


    Easy peasy– Simple As
    That It’s easy to buy tickets online, look at the millions of people who buy their tickets online for the cable car in Cape Town. Not yet has one person who logically assessed the situation, shared their regrets at buying passes online for the Table Mountain cable car. It’s just not ok to say that there is a better way.

    Less Waiting Time
    No-one waited for more than the tickets queue while waiting in the express lane for pre-purchased tickets online. That means that you either have to mistake the tickets line for the pre-purchased line or have some disability, which prevents you from reading the signs on arrival at the Table Mountain Cableway.

    No Queue
    There’s no queue for the pre-purchased tickets line other than the people who have already shared their interest in purchasing tickets online. They have their cards, and you have yours. There is no confusion. The tickets queue, there is confusion. What cards you are buying and how many people, people have mistaken their wallets or worsethey don’t know what they want!

    The weather – Oh, how it looks lovely – or is it? If the weather isn’t right, and at the time of writing this, Table Mountain tickets redeemed for up to 7 days from the date printed on the card. That means that if the weather isn’t right on the day, take another cable car up the very next day.

    Let us say you are one of those people where the sky is always grey, the flowers never bloom, and there is an eternal cloud over your head. There is a solution for you – Buy Table Mountain Tickets Online. It’s just a minute or two of your day, and it will save you almost 2-3 hours on a heated, crowded Cape Town day.