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Essential Cape Town Planning Tips And Tickets For Table Mountain

Information on Cape Town cable car and Table Mountain Tickets at low-cost prices for 2020.

10 Things You Can Do At Table Mountain Cape Town

Most people visiting Table Mountain in Cape Town, would be driven to ask questions. “what can you do at Table Mountain?”, excellent question.

  • Photography – Venture around the mountain.


It’s so high above Cape Town. Table Mountain is known for its elevation above sea level and the views. Bring a camera to Table Mountain or even a smartphone. 

  • Bird Watching – Spot the birds in the trees.


There are a lot of birds on Table Mountain and the opportunity to bird watch. Birds are abundant. There are numerous types of bird species on Table Mountain.

  • Sightseeing – View Cape Town from above.


Those looking to sightsee the view from Table Mt. Great – Take in Cape Town from above sea-level. Sightseeing Cape Town from above the Atlantic oceans.

  • Nature – Different plant species and wildlife.


Nature is abundant in many forms, shapes, and sizes. Whatever your interests are in the environment. There is so much nature for everyone to come and benefit.

  • Walks – Many walking trails on Table Mountain.


Kms of paved roads to walk on top. A well-crafted path from the Aerial Cableway to anywhere your heart desires. Walk along the top of Table Mountain.

  • Hiking – Paths designed for every level.


Hiking Table Mountain can take a day or more, depending on the route chosen. All different levels of complexity and difficulty. Hiking routes for anyone.

  • Shopping – Table Mountain’s shop on top.


The shopping on top of Table Mountain is unique. Buy some local specials, including the King Protea. Shop on top of the Cableway at the souvenirs shop.

  • Eat food – A hearty café meal with buffet.


Food. Eat your way into Cape Town’s delicacies, including biltong – (a slice of South African meat like beef-jerky), wine, and more! There is a buffet at the Upper Aerial Cableway restaurant café daily.

  • Drink – All sorts of delicious brews.


Bring your beverage with you or drink on top. Both coffee, tea, and beer or South African wines are available on top at the Table Mountain café.

  • Relax – take a moment to breathe.


Break from the busy city life. Life in the city can be stressful at times. Take a moment to relax and breathe in the fresh Cape Town air.

  • Family – Bring the family for a day.


Families are welcome on top of Table Mountain with adult supervision, of course. Treat your loved ones. Bring your family to the top of Table Mountain.

Time You Need For Table Mountain Cape Town


Take a deep breath, relax and wonder, “How much time do you need for Table Mountain?” It’s tranquil, serene and green on the mountain.

Table Mountain time required is dependent on the type of person and their interests on top. Allot of visitors spend a reasonable amount of time enjoying it.

How much time you need for Table Mountain depends on what you are going to do there. Holistically recommended taking a couple of hours to relax appropriately.

Four hours is the recommended time to relax one of the Table Top. Most people take an average of 2-3 hours, but that can usually get extended during good weather. 

Facts About Table Mountain Including Height


Interesting height facts. Table Mountain changes elevation due to the magma and tectonic plates, including the sea activity of the Atlantic region. 

Table Mountain is rising or sinking based on measurements. Underlying geology and the type of rock on Table Mountain is a determinant of height. 

Sandstone, granite, and limestone make up the predominant rock types of the mountain—the height changes based on the rock formations. 

Although height is changing, Table Mountain is around one massive rock’s length from the oceans of Cape Town. Table Mountain is approximately 1km high.

The Aerial Cableway designed to carry more or less seventy people, around 1067m up Table Mountain in about five minutes.

Table Mountain Tickets, Table Mountain Cableway 2020 Official Guide, 2020

Inner Workings Of The Table Mountain Cable Car


Many factors involved. Cable car uses secure steel cables in numbers to average out the weight of the cable car during strong gale force winds and gravity. 

Weather is a factor among which the engineers of Table Mountain have worked hard to fix. Wind complicated the forces which pull on the cable car. 

Water is used at the bottom of the cable car to weigh it. Two cable cars of equal weight provide strong counteracting forces between which stabilize the cable car.

Look at the physics behind the cable car. Science may hold the answer to how the cable car works. Counterbalance is the principle along which the cable car works. 

Quickest Way To Get On Top Of Table Mountain Cape Town


There are two options for the quickest way to get to the top of Table Mountain.

Cableway – Aerial Cableway is the most popular option.
Faster and more efficient for most people visiting Table Mountain National Park. Only 4 ½ minutes from bottom to top. The second more intelligent option for those not wanting to dirty their boots on the trail is to take the cable car.

Hiking – Put on your hiking boots for a day on the mountain.
Wear a sunhat and safety first. Water is essential, as well as closed shoes to get you past those sharp rocks. Spend a day on the mountain with the right gear. Hiking can be a fun attraction for a day trip on Table Mountain Reserve.

Table Mountain Weather Is Not Cold


Table Mountain weather is usually sunny and is NOT cold. Check the forecast, and you will see how cold it is on Table Mountain.

Table Mountain ranges from warm to warmer, nothing to be concerned about if the weather forecast reads partially cloudy on the day.

The South Eastern winds are frequent on the mountain. Cold weather persists on Table Mountain, usually when there is wind.

Jackets and light pullovers in case of rain predominantly are advised. Most days, it is not cold on top of Table Mountain.

Table Mountain Is Especially Unique To Locals


If Table Mountain’s sheer size was not enough to convince you, it’s unique. Table Mountain is a world heritage site and a New 7 Wonders of Nature.

No-one would argue that Table Mountain is not exceptional. However, some would be more than willing to share their point of view about what makes Table Mountain so special.

Worth the world to some. Part of the culture and heritage. Locals would be in mutual agreement that Table Mountain is unique to Cape Town

Is that a question worth answering? No reason is needed other than that Table Mountain is special because it’s the Mother City’s mountain!

Hike Table Mountain National Park


Table Mountain hikes are numerous, ranging from easy to hard. Looking for a hiking trip in Cape Town? Walks are abundant on Table Mountain Park.

Since there are so many routes to be discovered and not enough time in Cape Town, check out the recommended ways. Be wise about the hiking trail.

There are too many trails to mention. The most common trails on the mountain include the Plattteklip Gorge route, India Venster, and Skeleton Gorge hike. 

Hiking is a popular way to summit the mountain. Hike Table Mountain on your own by taking the Platteklip Gorge route, or venture onto another path.

Look and look again. Where to start for pictures. Take a picture of the Table Mountain view or simply relax and enjoy some snapshots of the Dassies. 

Great photos! – There are wildlife pictures to be taken in, on and off the trail. Dassies are the most common animal to be photographed on Table Mountain. 

Get cameras ready. Animals like Dassies and birds seen upon exiting the Upper Cableway. Table Mountain is so vast that there are photo-taking opportunities everywhere. 

Look out for the points of picture taking and remember to stay safe. Do not venture off the path. Pictures can make a pleasant visit on top of any viewpoint.

Ride The Table Mountain Cable Car In Minutes


Spectacular is the latest Aerial Cableway cable car design. Since the early days of Table Mountain Cableway, the ride has continuously improved year on year. 

The cable car is a circular ride. It is an unpleasant ride stuck in the middle. Because there are so many people, beware of being crammed in the middle.

The Aerial Cableway Was Built Over Two Decades Ago Now It Stands On Table Mountain Cape Town.

The length of cable car ride depends on how many people there are before you. Minutes taken to ride the Table Mountain cable car depends on weather, number of people, and the tickets queue.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway takes an average of 4 ½ minutes from the Lower cable car to the top or vice versa. One takes the cable car at the bottom, is the same as the top down.

Walking Down Table Mountain Can Take Long


Hikes can take anywhere from a half-day to a full-day trip to the mountains of Cape Town. There are routes for everybody of all ages and fitness levels.

Regular routes for locals are the Platteklip Gorge route and some other standard hiking trails in Cape Town. Most predominantly Platteklip Gorge hiking trail.

Round trip routes recommended for those with no experience in hiking Cape Town. These routes include the direct Platteklip Gorge to Aerial Cablecar.

Walking down Table Mountain can take upwards of 3-5 hours on the default Platteklip Gorge route. 6-8 hours on the Skeleton Gorge to Upper Aerial Cableway routes.

People may ask the regular questions about Table Mountain hikes. What’s great about these is that there are so many different routes to choose from hiking. 

Walking up is not a problem for the many so long as they are taking with them enough water and trail snacks. We’d strongly recommend the cable car down.

Walking down the mountain is not preferable for those with preexisting medical conditions, including arthritis. So, walking down Table Mountain can take long and is dangerously not safe.

Walking up and down Table Mountain is an option for those hikers with sturdy knees. Would we suggest it? No, but it doesn’t stop the many from doing it.

Parking For Table Mountain Cable Car


The cable car has parking at Table Mountain. Are you looking for parking at Table Mountain cable car? Those people self-driving to Table Mountain will find parking spots.

There are usually parking spots available on Table Mountain, as well as parallel parking for those looking for a tighter space to fit on a hot summer day.

Table Mountain has a long stretch of road that users can park on. Parking spots too. There is about 2km of paved road to park on along Tafelburg Road.

Table Mountain has lots of parking along the main road in both directions. Yes! Parking to Table Mountain Tickets is along Tafelburg Road, Cape Town to be exact.

Getting To Table Mountain Cable Car

Simple gets even more straightforward. Simply search Table Mountain Aerial Cableway on Google, and you will find directions on how to get to the cable car in Cape Town. 

Different directions yield different results, from the city or beach. Driving or taking a taxi, we discuss how to get to Table Mountain cable car. 

However, most locals will know. Asking a local “how do I get to Table Mountain cable car,” will get you a blank response if the local is not driving him or herself.

If you are driving to Table Mountain Cable Car and looking for directions, look at the map. Are you coming to the city? Take the road from Cape Town to Camps Bay.

Many People Comfortably Fit In The Cable Car


It depends on how you measure the average person, pet, or accompanying Dassie, but if you had a guess, it varies on the size, weight, and objects.

Let’s say we count average persons with a BMI no more than usual. Give or take depending on how many people fit inside the cable car at any particular time.

1..2.. no 70 people +1 operator can fit inside the cable car. Taking a guess is not appropriate for this task. We measure how many people can fit inside the cable car

Excluding those with larger than average physiques. Also included are those unfortunate persons who use wheelchairs. Seventy people give or can fit inside the cable car. 

Running Frequency Of Table Mountain Cable Cars

One may ask the question at what frequency does the Aerial Cableway run throughout the day. The cable car runs at scheduled times throughout the day.

Count the days of the year the cable car runs, and it’s more often than not operational. More often than not, the Table Mountain cable car runs as per usual. 

How often the cable car runs depends on the season, time and weather. It depends on the weather. However, most days, the cable car runs as usual. 

Weather dependent. The cable car runs every day during season and takes approximately 4 ½ minutes to summit the Upper Aerial Cableway. 

Table Mountain Cable Car Boarding Times

Board the cable car early or get there later. Tickets bought online will have the date printed in the confirmation email along with the ticket times.

Times differ based on the type of ticket. Check the card because the information on when you can board your cable car may read printed in bold.

The scheduled time legible printed on the ticket as either morning session or afternoon. A cable car can be boarded any time from the time of the issue of the e-ticket. 

Any time during the designated tickets time, 8:00 to 8:30 till 13:00 for a morning ticket and 13:00 till about 19:00 or 20:00 for an afternoon ticket.

Locations To Find The Aerial Cableway

Upper Aerial Cableway is for those people looking to take the cable car down, and the Lower Aerial Cableway is for those people looking to take the cable car up. 

Sorting through the cable car information on where to board the right cable car can be overwhelming. However, we note that you can board at one of two places. 

Well, it depends. It depends on whether you plan on taking the cable car up and hiking down or hiking up and taking the cable car down and vice versa. 

Did you plan on hiking up first? Where you can board your cable car depends on whether the ticket purchased for a return trip or a one-way pass.

Some people look for answers on the web about catching the cable car. Hiking up in any direction complicates the question of where do you catch the cable car. 

Look out for the Aerial Cableway signs. They protrude from the rocky base of the mountain on a pole.

Remember, there are two Aerial Cableways. The Lower Aerial cable car leads to the Upper Cableway, making it easy to plot those two locations on the map.

Located along Tafelburg Road with the postal code 8001, the office is central. The location of the cable car found using maps, searching Tafelburg road, or Table Mountain Tickets.

Table Mountain Tickets: Table Mountain Cableway 2020

Updated information on the costs to visit Table Mountain with tickets. Look at the information on this website about Table Mountain Aerial Cableway ticket prices

Ticket Prices For Table Mountain 2019/2020

Prices made by the Aerial Cableway and displayed on this website as services. Table Mountain Cableway ticket prices are subject to change without notice.

The prices remain unchanged since last updated—no announcement made on the annual Table Mountain Aerial Cableway ticket prices for 2019/2020 to date.

Table Mountain tickets are well-priced. The latest updates have seen a sharp price increase as much as 50% from the previously measured Table Mountain ticket prices. 

Since the Aerial Cableway is a business for profit. Table Mountain ticket prices have continually increased each year for the past few years consecutively.

Tickets Cost To Table Mountain Cable Car

Tickets for Table Mountain can on this site in addition to the information required for boarding the cable car at times listed on the website. 

Look for Table Mountain tickets online at lower costs. Low-cost options for the cable car include those wanting to save time and opt for passes by email.

Cheaper tickets can be found online than waiting in the queue. Tickets range in price from affordable options to expensive for those wanting to go in groups. 

First, choose the ticket. How much Table Mountain tickets cost depends on the ticket type. Table Mountain tickets cost varies depending on the type of ticket.

Booking Table Mountain In Advance


Seriously, you are asking this question. “Do you need to book Table Mountain in advance?”. If you are a latecomer, then now is the time for you to buy online.

Commonly referred to as latecomers, Table Mountain tickets should be booked in advance to save the hassle of purchasing tickets in the line on the day.

Smart visitors to Table Mountain look into pre-orders. Booking tickets in advance? Well, that depends on you, mainly, but mainly recommended to buy online.

Most definitely the right option to buy tickets in advance. Yes, don’t be one of those people to wait in line for up to 3 hours during Cape Town’s busy season.

Buying Table Mountain Tickets At The Top

Don’t risk it and go with the safe option. It depends if you want to risk it, but we’d caution you against buying your tickets at the top of Tale Mountain. 

Be careful as it can get busy at times. Sometimes it gets way too busy, and then that is the time you want to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I stuffed up.” 

Look, you can do it but not on your first time to Table Mountain Cableway. It’s possible, but you want to know that you aren’t getting yourself into a mess on top. 

Sure, but it’s not a good idea for most visitors to the Aerial Cableway. The answer to that is “Yes!”; most people who hike uptake the cable car down. 

You may be asking questions about the cost to ride the cable car, “how much is the cable car Cape Town” or maybe “how much is a ticket to Table Mountain?”.

Luckily we have those answers for you and more including “How much does the cable car cost” and “How much does it cost to visit Table Mountain.” 

Well, let’s start by saying that the cable car is not free. No, those who ask, “Is the cable car free,” are mistaken. The Aerial Cableway company is for profit.

Next, some may ask, with good reason, whether Table Mountain is free to use. Fair enough, Table Mountain is free to all who visit the slopes of the rocky mountain. 

We recommend going back on what the question was, “Is Table Mountain free?” to answer “How much does it cost to visit Table Mountain.”

Answer to both are void; there is no cost to visit Table Mountain because it is a national park with all the benefits of being a protected wildlife area.

So, if you are still asking questions like “how much does it cost to ride the cable car, then there is no solution for you, just pass on by quickly.

Table Mountain Cable Car Payment Methods

It’s easier to pay online than to use the Aerial Cableway tickets office on the day. Paying for Table Mountain cable car is possible through the online checkout. 

Since we sell tickets in combination, payment takes arrangement on request within a few minutes of booking your Table Mountain tickets in advance through this website. 

Table Mountain tickets can be purchased easily. There is more than one option of payment method for people looking to purchase Table Mountain tickets online. 

Some options are better than others when you pay for the cable car. There are many options for payment, including pay by PayPal, credit card, or debit card.

Places You Can Buy Tram Tickets

Let’s look at the options for buying Table Mountain tickets. The best, most cost-effective way to purchase tickets to Table Mountain is now though online. 

The website which you are on now sells bundled tickets to the Aerial Cableway cable car. Most people buy online through a service like Table Mountain Tickets. 

There are too many options to buy tickets. Due to the sheer number of sellers, choose wisely. Looking at the tickets for table mountain can be a daunting task.

Table Mountain tickets made available for purchase in several ways through this website. Tickets for Table Mountain are purchased directly on this site

Buying Table Mountain Web Tickets

Tickets are bundled with information when it comes to buys. Regular complaints by customers involve the lack of accessible information available on the web. 

Customer satisfaction comes first for the company, that is why we’d like to take some time to point out why it’s crucial to have more information.

Table Mountain Tickets is the provider of the best-bundled tickets who places information first, even before we have sold the customer a ticket.

Ticket sellers rarely, if ever, provide info. We’d like to add that giving tickets without information is a sure way to increase customer dissatisfaction. 

Swamping the foreigner with sign-up requests is terrible for industry practices. Visitors to Table Mountain National Park face ticket vendors. 

Most people buy once off Table Mountain tickets, so let’s not abuse the industry to market to people who may never purchase from the same website again.

Let’s stick to the purpose of single-use. Industry sharks like these, opt-in every user to their marketing programs. A way to monetize their subscribers. 

A popular one which we would not recommend is by going through a ticket reseller which requests your private information even BEFORE making a buy.

We’d like to cover this within the scope of this page, but it would take too long, so we request another look—options for web tickets discussed in another article.

Some sellers ask for private info. Are you seriously going to fill out your account details for a ticket seller who may not have your best interests in mind?

The industry rewards shady businesses. Table Mountain Tickets is committed to privacy, so much so that we usually do not sell or pass on your data.

Some people buy tickets off-web tickets, like unscrupulous tickets seller who requests your private data just before buying web tickets. We do not recommend it.

Specials On Table Mountain Cable Car Tickets

Specials are a rarity if ever found online. Predominantly at fixed prices over 20 years. Right now, there is only one long-lasting ticket special. 

There were only a handful of instances when the Aerial Cableway lowered ticket prices. Ticket specials are infrequent and should not change labeled as the rule. 

There is no telling when the next special is going to be or even if ever. Travelers should not arrange their trip around Table Mountain cable car ticket specials. 

One such discount is on sale. There are Table Mountain tickets on special, but most of these happen during a time when no-one wants to come to Cape Town. 

Birthday Specials On Table Mountain Cable Car

There’s no such thing as a free lunch expect one thing. Nothing is free in life, but if you look closely, you might find Table Mountain cable car birthday specials.

Table Mountain Is Not Free On Your Birthday

Apart from the misinformation and shared info. We kind of feel responsible for those visitors to Cape Town. Visitors who think that Table Mountain is free on your birthday. 

Let’s say that you are the poor tourist who heard about this from a local citizen. Well, it’s not except for those who dream of having South African citizenship. 

The misinformed know about the Cable Car special. Locals who are freebie hunters will know about Table Mountains’ ongoing Cable Car Birthday special. 

No, who said that? Besides South African citizens, which may not be a whole lot of readers, most people do not get the benefit of a free birthday ticket to Cableway.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Hours & Times

During the season, the Cableway is open at different hours and times. Table Mountain Aerial Cableway hours and times information displayed on this website.

Closing Times Of Table Mountain Cable Car

It’s the weather and season. Asking what time the Cable Car closes is not a useful question, because that said, the Cablecar shuts it’s doors after sunset. 

Ballpark figures for Cableway times. Let’s say that the cable car closes between 18:00 and 20:00, and people will see the sunset on most days. 

Most days, the Cableway closes at a happy hour, but it depends on a few things. It depends on the weather because on the day the wind can pick up. 

The times that the cable car closes, there are no set times for the Aerial Cableway in Cape Town, South Africa. Table Mountain Cableway closes when it pleases.

Opening Times Of Table Mountain Cable Car

Well, most tourists choose to visit the Cableway earlier as opposed to later. Opening times of Table Mountain Aerial Cableway are dependent on seasons. 

There’s a time for all. For those not willing to get up too early, the Cableway hosts the morning cable car without the added stress of getting there later. 

Let’s not forget that most people are not able to get up earlier in the day. Table Mountain opens in the morning with the first ride to the top as soon as 7:30. 

Appropriate for dawn. There’s a special early bird ticket, but most cable cars go up at around 8:00 to 8:30. The Cableway opens most days between 8:00 to 8:30.

Best Time To Go Up Table Mountain Cable Car

Some people may ask, “what is the best time to go up Table Mountain?”. However, there is NO short answer as time is different for everybody on schedules.

There is no best time to go up Table Mountain. Everyone can join in on the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway without prior experience in taking a cable car. 

Table Mountain times make grouped sections for ticket use. There are no best times, but you can go to Table Mountain throughout the day at distinct parts.

Table Mountain passes, split into two times. Morning tickets when you can buy the ticket in advance for the 8:00-8:30 session or afternoon 13:00 till the Cableway closes.

Last Cable Car Times Table Mountain Cape Town

Instead, schedule for a sunset Table Mountain special, in that case, you’d be better off in terms of mountain safety and be back before dark on the last cable car.

Better to go up on the last cable car, is to schedule your plans around sunset time. That way, you’d be planning your trip in light of the sunset and not dark.

You’d instead not go on the last cable car up Table Mountain, please remember that this is not something that you can change, the Cableway has fixed hours. 

Please don’t go up on the last cable car up as you might get stuck and not enjoy the view on top. The last cable car goes up Table Mountain at around 19:00. 

Closed Days On Table Mountain

Check before the day that you go to Table Mountain on Google, “Is Table Mountain closed?” The chances are that you will find the answer within a minute.

Days on which Table Mountain closes doors include annual cable car maintenance, two weeks out of the year, and during the off-peak seasons for SA tourism.

Table Mountain is closed on severe weather days and during rare occasions including the viral outbreak of COVID-19. Special mention has to go to rainy days and windy weather. 

Well, that depends on the weather and the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway hours & times. Best to check before going as not to get stuck on the mountain.

Contact Table Mountain

Wrong place. Table Mountain Tickets is a provider of the passes required to enter the cable car, and thus, we do not know about the cable car operation numbers.

There are many contact details available on the web for people to enquire about the Cape Town weather services or the Aerial Cableway administration office. 

Which details? Are you looking for Table Mountain’s contact details? Maybe it’s the number to contact the Aerial Cableway or the number for the weather hotline. 

The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway is the right place to look at search engines. Sorry, we can’t help you out with Table Mountain’s contact information.