Taking The Cable Car Vs Hiking Table Mountain

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2 Quickest Ways To Get Up Table Mountain

Two fastest ways to summit Table Mountain in Cape Town may not be the typical things that you’d think of – there are the exceptions.

Faster Way To Get Up Table Mountain

Table Mountain in Cape Town is just one of those places where your eyes go big, jaw drops, and you say, “wow, that is one magnificent mountain.

There’s a hell of a trek to get up Table Mountain, so why not opt for the more comfortable option. Take the cable car up; it’s only four and a half minutes.

But, and a big but, there are long lines at the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, so we discuss some options for you to get there early.

Getting to Table Mountain Tafelburg Road will afford you a more extended day in Cape Town, were later might take a whole half-day while waiting in line.

Table Mountain does not have the infrastructure during the season to deal with the peak influx of visitors, so don’t get wrapped up in their bad planning.

Take it as it flows and book a Table Mountain ticket in advance for the better planning of arriving there early, as early as 7:30 in the morning.

Cable car operations begin around 8:00, so there are the early times for visiting Table Mountain without the added waiting line or hot weather.

Depending on whether you visit during winter (June-July) in Cape Town or summer (the rest of the months), there are different times to get up on top.

Summer has the most people in the morning, so it’s best to get there early before the crowd arrives at Table Mountain Aerial Cableway in Cape Town.

Winter has most people coming in the afternoon, the morning rain in Cape Town is a typical weather pattern during winter, followed by sunny days.

However, let’s say that you’re not the morning person and still want to be able to board the cable car in the fastest time possible all-year-round.

There are afternoon tickets to Table Mountain for 13:00, but then you have to deal with the heat and possible influx of people without a proper plan.

13:00 starts at the Aerial Cableway; the line snakes up the road in season. Better bring enough water during summer because it gets way too hot.

Still, the quickest way to get up Table Mountain during any time is to go during the morning. Early is better than later because of the heat.

Other Table Mountain times do not offer so much in terms of heat protection and safety from the sun, a high UV number.

There you have it, the fastest way to get up Table Mountain is in the morning. No method of getting up there faster at any other time.

Slower Way To Get Up Table Mountain

A more leisurely but more relaxing way of getting up Table Mountain, without the added risk of catching the Coronavirus in Cape Town, is to hike up.

The mountain is far more peaceful than many thought, other than that route up India Venster, which requires more attention to the steep rocks.

India Venster and others are part of Table Mountain National Parks, 100 plus routes. All of which are excellent day and overnight hikes.

Overnight hikes on Table Mountain can lead to Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope, while day hikes lead to the Upper Aerial Cableway in Cape Town.

Day hikes, such as Platteklip Gorge route, are the preferred routes for slow hiking up Table Mountain. 2-3 hours of accent would make up the hike.

On a clear day, Platteklip Gorge is the preferred route by many summiting the mountain without proper guidance. Most people make it up alive.

There are exceptions though to the rule; people are not prepared adequately and thus suffer the symptoms of heat exhaustion.

It would take longer to get up the mountain with heatstroke than would otherwise be possible with the cable car, taking only 4 ½ minutes.

2-3 hours comparatively is a long time to spend on the mountain, if hiking is not your thing. Better to take the Aerial Cableway up the mountain.

Tickets for the Aerial Cableway are available on this website as bundled Table Mountain options. Return and one-way tickets are for sale.

Not getting derailed, those who buy tickets for Table Mountain are assured of a speedy summit time as soon as tickets provided.

Tickets are procured through this website and shown to the Aerial Cableway operator on the day of your visit to Table Mountain.

One can also hike up the mountain, and it’s free, but then you have to worry about making the right choices.

There are different routes, and it’s easy to get lost on Table Mountain. Guides are available at a fee, although some of them are unreliable.

Hiking is possible with the help of a guided hiking company, some of them in Cape Town is highly recommended.

Most people, however, claim that the risks of hiking are not worth the benefits of taking the cable car up the mountain.

In summary, there are two popular ways of getting up Table Mountain. One is faster while the other slower.

These two ways are popular among locals and foreigners; however, taking the cable car is the preferred way for most people.

Table Mountain offers two times to ascend the 1km high mountain top. Morning from around 8:00 and afternoon from 13:00.

Taking the cable car at the right time will afford visitors more time in Cape Town, while not waiting so long in the lines.

Better to take the Aerial Cableway in the morning with tickets bought off of our site. Then take the cable car up at either of the times.

Tickets are valid for 7 days from the date of issue, and there is little to be confused about because our site provides all of the information.

Details about Table Mountain and taking the cable car are available on our site, including updated prices for Cableway tickets.