Height of Table Mountain in Cape Town

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Wow! That is one big mountain – For those readers not following the overarching theme of today’s post it is Table Mountain’s height.

Skip to the point. Table Mountain is high, so high that a kid would have a tough time comprehending the massive rocks in three distinct layers. 

Look at the top, a 3km long stretch of land that extends far beyond Cape Town. Let’s say that this granite top is there because it’s hard rock.

Now, look at the rest of the mountain, nothing pretty? Ey – what was that you say. Cape Town is beautiful; no words can describe the rock.

Large, massive slabs of prehistoric sediment, dating back 330 million years, secure this mountain as a New 7 Wonder of Nature. 

Let’s take time to discuss the height of the beast. Table Mountain is around 1km high. That’s not to say exact, but round about 1067m of unbelievable nature.

Why not continue reading about Table Mountain’s height because there is more to it than meets the eye Cape Town extends far.

Table Mountain Nature reserve is a wildlife protected area spanning more than the area of your foot width. Many more times, in fact.

Fact – Table Mountain includes the North Face of the sharp rock and south of Western Cape, Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point (think Boulders beach).

Yup, that’s 100kms away, and yet Table Mountain can still be seen from high elevations like West Coast National Park.

1km is all it takes to feature Table Mountain like a Google snippet in first-page search results. Look at it as the highest-ranking thing to do in Cape Town.

While in Cape Town, search up that mountain, the one resembling a Table, no really, and see why it’s sheer size, flat top and Table Cloth are quite something.

Are you taking a day trip to Table Mountain? Things to do in Cape Town include, well, the giant face of flat rock brings customers from around the world.

No, it’s annoying. Table Mountain stands there and commands the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Town, and surrounding areas. All that meets the naked eye.

Sightseeing with your eyes, or taking two feet up Table Mountain hiking? In that case, come on – we’re going to show you how to do it in a more efficient way.

Height of Table Mountain in Cape Town

· Measure the mountain from sea level.

Sea level is measured in Cape Town from 0, nill, nada. Accept it and move on that the majestic blue oceans of the freezing Atlantic are the starting point.

· Don’t be disappointed if it’s not exact.

Table Mountain, 1067m? Nah – we’re kidding you, but we kid you not that it’s about the same height on record. Our records last indicated about 1km.

· The beacons on Table Mountain are measuring posts.

Beacons or bacon? I prefer the latter, but the first is a measurement of how high it is on Table Mountain. Measured from the tags at sea to on land.

· Look out for signs that indicate height, they’re not accurate anyway.

Look at that sign! It’s so impressive – look how we can pose on a pointless piece of laminated metal with height measurements on. Well, they are approximate.

· Make a guess at how far Robben Island is measured from the mountain.

Robben Island is that crime story, turned into profit for the corporate “oink oinks” in government. Preserving history? Ah, no – try high end profits for low costs.

· Look at pointless signs on the trail; find out how high you are in Cape Town.

Height in Cape Town is measured by one of two things – marihuana is legal – in some cases, places but how high you are in Cape Town depends on elevation.

· The Highest point in Cape Town is situated on Table Mountain Nature reserve.

Lucky chicken, or you enthusiastic Dassie, look at you on Cape Town’s highest point – on top of Table Mountain, now enjoy and get down from there now.

· Listen to guides on a FREE Table Mountain tour, qualified by the Cableway.

No way! They have free stuff on Table Mountain, okay, most of you are going now. But remember, the FREE Table Mountain tour is usually on the hour.

· Check the Dassies! They are the highest living mammals on Table Mountain.

Those rats of mammals (Related to elephants), for real though those Dassies, are the number one photo attraction for those without a clue of their origin.

· Birds are others that live high up in the mountain and feed on insects.

Birds, two-legged feathered mammals with beady eyes to stare at you once they sus out the food, woosh! Swoop in and steal it from you without remorse.

Tips on the height measurement of Table Mountain

Table Mountain is 1km high.

Most people can’t fathom how high this mountain is. Look at it as a one-kilometer freak of nature, besides the Cirque De Soleil.

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Look at you, without a clue about the height.

Seriously, that look. Well, it’s nothing spectacular, but there is a reason why Table Mountain is special to Cape Town.

Since it’s too high for most to comprehend, try pictures.

Try Google search “Table Mountain view”, we know that you will be equally flabbergasted when you find out the height in pictures.

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