5 Iinyani eziNomdla malunga neNtaba yeTafile yeNdlela yeNdlela

Amatikiti eTafile eNtabeni ayafumaneka ngoku! ? Cofa apha


Who knew that the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway would be so popular almost 20 years later, since the days of its creation more than two decades ago.

Table Mountain is home to the Aerial Cableway, a tram with counterweight designs and long cables stretching from side to side, uniquely built to design.

Without a doubt, engineering of the Cableway was a feat on its own, almost two decades later, experts are looking for answers on how this funicular m.

Here are five facts that make Table Mountain Aerial Cableway so enjoyable. Brace yourself because the fifth fact is so fascinating you might fall off your seat.

5 Iinyani eziNomdla malunga neNtaba yeTafile yeNdlela yeNdlela

1. The Aerial Cableway works on counterbalance

Intaba yeTafile iphakamileyo; experts had to redesign the Cableway to cope with the influx of visitors. Almost two decades later, the cable car supports upgrades.

Upgrades to the cable car are safety standards as well as some high-tech steel cables that pull the cable car both up and down – counterbalance in physics.

Not only do these durable, multiplied steel cables support an expanded weight, they also serve to double? No triple the number of passengers each car takes.

There’s more; each cable car is multiplied twice (X2) from the original design – take that engineer of the 1900s, the Aerial Cableway is so much better.

2. There are 3000l containers underneath each tram

Water is drinkable, but who could imagine drinking 3000 liters of water stored under each cable car? I know you can’t, so try preparing yourself for a splash.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway stores liters of water underneath each cable car. Ngoba? Because seventy passengers are inside these massive containers.

Cable cars also hold lots of water, enough for Table Mountain Aerial Cableway to provide strong support from high winds circulating the contraptions.

No need to panic, ukumila ngokutsha kwemoto yekhebula kuqinisekisa ukhuseleko olwaneleyo ngexesha lePasika yoMzantsi - okanye uhambo lwakho olulandelayo lwentaba yeTafile.

3. Imoto yekhebula yenziwe ngaphaya 20 Kwiminyaka eyadlulayo

Bathi endala fashion, Kulungile ukuba mdala kangakanani kwifashoni? Itafile yentaba eyenziwe ngaphezulu kwamashumi amabini eminyaka eyadlulayo- iphantse yadala kunesitena sokuqala sakwaNokia.

Imifanekiso yeediliya yeNtaba yeTafile ibonakale kwiwebhu, malunga nexesha elifanayo nomfanekiso omnyama nomhlophe. Kungenxa yoko le nto sikhetha ngoku-umbala opheleleyo.

Iimoto zentambo ezindala ezigcinwe kuphela ngabantu abambalwa, imagine waiting in line while the first twenty people lined up for a queue of 200 people – speed it up 20 years.

Today, the cable car hosts people from around the globe. There are lines for the ticket queue and a separate waiting area for those people without passes.

4. Major renovations occur each year

Amazingly, the Aerial Cableway happens to maintain the cable car through stable maintenance each year. No wonder they have an impeccable track record.

Each year around the same time, the cable car closes, but it’s not for good. Most people think that this time is temporary and that the cable car regularly repaired.

There is a lot of mystery around what happens at that time of year. Most speculate that the engineers are checking the cables, repairing the cable car but who knows.

Tickets for Table Mountain Aerial Cableway are unavailable that time around, so best buy your passes for the cable car before the next annual maintenance.

5. The floor on the cable car rotates 360 degrees

Spooky as it may seem, the 360-degree rotating base is far more mechanical than it looks. This floor designed to rotate 360 izidanga kuwo onke amacala.

The floor engineered to give visitors views of all around Cape Town, one thing that Table Mountain failed to plan for, was the unbelievable viewing deck.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway was that much-needed oomph to boost the views of Table Mountain. Next, watch the sunset over Cape Town.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway designed to impress, are you impressed? I know we are, try finding the next available cable car times up Table Mountain.

Isishwankathelo, the Aerial Cablecar designed more than 20 Kwiminyaka eyadlulayo! That is older than most teenagers in Cape Town. Growing up, some adults saw the changes to the old Aerial Cableway.

Those changes resulted in increased customer capacity threefold. The Aerial Cableway rotates 360 degrees in all directions to view Table Mountain from above the hiking trails.

Most people speculate that the cable car is closed part of the year due to annual maintenance, but no-one knows why always closed during that time.

Some say that they are repairing the cables, checking the cable car, and doing some work. Ngolunye uhlobo, it is best to buy Table Mountain tickets – on our website.

Check the Cableway times or research the weather before heading to the next available slot. Table Mountain has specials on birthday tickets, including discounted low-cost cable car passes, made purchasable on our site.

Those tickets include a spectacular view to Table Mountain while gaining access to the Aerial Cableway, yokutyela, and shop on top. Free tours are readily accessible at the Upper Aerial Cableway, offered by the TMACC.

Are you looking to research more about how the cable car works? Try searching mechanics of the Aerial Cableway or counterbalance. Ideas on the engineering of the cable car are readily available as common knowledge.

Tickets for Table Mountain are available on our website – Table Mountain Tickets. Bonuses of buying low-cost passes on this website include information on Aerial Cableway operations, how it works, and more!

Try searching available options for Table Mountain before going – we know that there is an overwhelming number of businesses selling tickets – most do not include information on the inner workings of the Aerial Cableway, nor provide additional educational blogs.

Next stop, Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, we are delighted to be with you on this journey into the heart of Cape Town. Share important information with others on how the cable car works – enjoy the scenic views on top.