Matthew’s Experience

Matthew’s day using the Cable Car
It was the night before in Cape Town, and not knowing whether the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway would be open the next day, Matthew used his phone to check whether the Cableway would be open the next day. Anticipating this, he searched “开普敦天气” because the weather in Cape Town dictates that the Cable Car is either open on a given day or closed due to high winds, rain, and or adverse weather conditions. Great! It said, “Sunny, clear skies with moderate wind and 30 度数”.
这意味着缆车将打开. 下一个, 马修需要找出一整天是晴天还是一天中的任何时候下雨. 如果在下雨, 然后必须及时使用早上或下午到期的车票.
桌山提供两种类型的门票, 早上和下午. 因此,马修(Matthew)两次检查了开普敦的天气,这是最合适的时间,以便提前在线购买Table Mountain Cableway的门票.
早票有效期至 1:00 下午, so he thought that it would be possible to get the tickets first thing in the morning before the line gets long, or he could buy it online now to save time in the queue.
Because Matthew was with a guest, he decided to buy the tickets online at Table Mountain Tickets. The only place online where tickets information is available in abundance for visitors.
The process of buying tickets was smooth, and all Matthew has to do was fill out the intended date, time, and make payment online using PayPal, a secure checkout using his Credit Card.
Now that payment was made, Matthew wanted to get confirmation that his tickets were being ordered. Luckily the tickets came with a message stating that the tickets were being procured and would be provided within 24 小时. Great, he thought, but the card should be for tomorrow, how am I to get the ticket in time for the Cable Car? That is when Table Mountain Tickets sent the confirmation email with the ticket’s barcode almost immediately.
Tickets in hand, Matthew wanted to print out his passes for the Cable Car so that he would know that they were safe. Printed passes are better than phone passes because they allow emergencies incase the phone died or broke.
Finding a print shop was easy for Matthew, even at this late hour, tickets could be printed by his hotel, making it a convenient way to assure him that he would have passes for the next day. Looking forward to this expedition, he excitedly put the tickets in his pocket and decided to go to sleep. The very next day, he woke up early to beat the queue at Table Mountain. After a well-rested sleep, he packed his bag with lots and lots of supplies. Water, a light jacket and sunscreen were a must, as well as a hat to keep the sun off of his eyes. The camera phone was excellent, so he just took it along.
With a backpack in hand, he headed out the door to go to Table Mountain. Uber arrived reasonably quickly after he opened his phone up outside to order a regular taxi ride. The driver arrived within minutes, and he greeted him to the car as they confirmed the destination, “桌山,” they both agreed. Matthew, wanting to establish, said, “Aerial Cableway.The driver nodded.
Heading there was not long, maybe 20 minutes from Cape Town City Centre. There was even a part that passed by the Lion’s Head and signals hill turn-off. That was easy! Now for the hard part, the driver said he was not from Cape Town, so Matthew hoped that he would know where to get off for the Cable Car. Zimbabwe drivers are standard in Cape Town as well as other North African countries, as Matthew learned from his airport shuttle driver many days earlier. To keep an eye on it, Matthew kept his smartphone out with Google Maps to Table Mountain Aerial Cableway. It was easy to find it because the Cableway was 1km further down the road from where the Table Mountain Road turned to the left from Kloof Nek Road. When he arrived, the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway was preparing to open. The 7:30 am staff cable car had left up, 然后他被留下作为下空中索道,想知道他应该怎么做. 有一个售票处和一个红色巴士的标志, 接下来, 他在寻找其他符号. “售票处,” 远处有个迹象, 但只要他看到, 还有另一个迹象. “有票” 和 “没有门票。” 队列越来越长, 他以为再过一个小时就满了, 所以他离开去了,提示说: “带票。” 那是正确的选择,因为又过了半个小时,售票队列已满. 人太多了,成群的游客涌向下空中索道.
由于宣传桌山(Table Mountain)作为新州的国际地位,当月的开普敦(Cape Town)吸引了大量游客 7 自然奇观,温暖的晴天没有云. 马修(Matthew)读到,几天来,乌云笼罩着桌山,这就是所谓的 “桌布,” 合适的名字, 但是今天它很明亮而且有很好的理由. 那是一个旱季.
The dry season is ten months out of the year, 因此,马修(Matthew)认为,那时是计划游览开普敦的绝佳时机. 雨季是六月至七月, 如果有人想去开普敦,那不是一个很棒的季节, 无论是工作还是度假.
考虑到这一点, 他作为新装修的桌山缆车的第一批乘客出发. 在宣布之前,有70名乘客将缆车装满了满载。, “远离门, 请。” 关门, 他起来了. 4 ½ minutes later, 在壮观的往返旅程中,他到达了缆车的顶部,缆车的地板旋转了整整一圈。 360 学位. 除直升机之旅外,所有方向都提供了在开普敦无法看到的有利位置. 那意味着这张票物有所值! A card for less than the cost of a helicopter tour with more view and time at the top than any other in Cape Town.