Ann’s Experience

在此期间 夏季, 开普敦变得很忙. 安从奥地利抵达, 想要得到她的鸭子 连续. 下周为桌山缆车排队, 安开始了 计划她的新旅行 7 自然奇观. 她检查了时间, 营业时间, 和桌山门票. 一切都井然有序,直到她发现有多困难 是从总是增加她数据销售量的供应商那里获得门票.

因此 安想选择一个预订代理,但不选择她所有的私人数据 并且不会以不安全的方式存储它. 那是她在浏览博客时 在线信息. 桌山门票网站就是那个解决方案; 她 找到有关桌山门票的所有信息, 电缆 汽车, 和桌山, 包括费用 2020. 门票可用 溢价. 仍然, 她没有注意寻找其他地方的信息, 她也不需要将其详细信息提交给非政府组织.

表 她选择了Mountain Tickets作为购买索道的最佳解决方案 通过. 因此, 她做出了明智的选择,并为 接下来的一周. 确认是即时的, 但她担心机票定单 未收到. 那是桌山门票与 自动回复. 门票正在处理中 24 小时. That was great because she could go about her Cape Town trip with her fellow backpackers and sightsee the many attractions in Cape Town. Waterfront was 1st on her list of things to do in Cape Town, so she headed off for dinner on the V&A.

Coming home later she received an email with her Table Mountain tickets. It was for the following week, but it was all in order and organized by the booking agent who carefully considered her reference of times, day, and the weather. The agent also shared some information on the best ticket usage and instructions for rebooking passes. Seven days later and Ann was on the Cable Car, such a fantastic experience. She only waited in line for up to half an hour on the day because the Aerial Cableway had a separate line for those with Table Mountain tickets. That means she skipped the long 2 hours line by buying her tickets online. Just wait till her friends heard about her experience on top of the mountain. It was so easy for her to get ahead of the crowd and new summit the Table Top. Tickets for Table Mountain was even more preferential to get in advance because of the heat of summer and the people at the bottom when she got to the top, experienced the most weather during the mid-morning. In the Cable, Car Ann had the chance to photograph Cape Town from a 360-degree angle.

Cable Car has a rotating floor in all directions. That is why bringing a camera is essential for a day on Table Mountain. With tickets in hand, there is not much to concern over because of the availability of information and also the helpful articles, blog posts, and experiences on the Table Mountain Tickets website. After Table Mountain was over, Ann decided to use her return tickets to the Cable Car for her journey down. Four hours was the time from when she started until the time that she was ready to go down again to the bottom. It was a short line to get down because the Cable Car fits almost 70 人. Ann was one of the first people to get down, as well as upon the day. If Ann had started any later, the lines for Table Mountain Cable Car would have been long, and getting tickets late would mean that she would have waited in line.

After Table Mountain, Ann decided to go to Robben Island. The island tour took another 4 小时, which was perfect for filling a day in Cape Town. Ferries to Robben Island depart every few hours, that is why recommended to do Table Mountain in the morning as opposed to in the afternoon. Ann went to the Waterfront directly from the Lower Aerial Cable Car, an excellent choice because summer in Cape Town was rather hot. 30 degrees Celsius is the average temperature during summer months in the Western Cape, so she brought a hat and sunscreen. The boat was shaded but on the island there was so much more heat than in the city. Trees cover a part of Robben Island, so to experience the tour without dehydrating in the heat.

Returning from Robben Island tour, Table Mountain sunset was starting to go down beyond the Atlantic Seaboard. Robben Island had finished, but that did not mean that Ann could not go out and explore. Table Mountain tickets used, and with a long day, Ann returned to her hostel to meet up with her friends and discuss the nighties. She was staying in Kloof Street at one of the popular backpackers. There are several backpackers in Kloof Street, and the road is within proximity to the mountain. All the easier if she was looking to hike Table Mountain the next day. 还有其他计划, 她和她的朋友们想在长街上聚会. 如果Ann在一个小组里,那是个好主意, 如果她独自一人,这是一个可怕的主意. 这就是为什么她决定和小组一起去喝些饮料的原因。 长街浴场对面的主要道路. 打包的方法,因为它是一个 星期五晚上.

保持 安全, 安把她的智能手机放在口袋里, 她用桌山门票 以及罗本岛渡轮通行证. She made things easy and helped her feel safe after she went out with her friends. All the better to have a good day in Cape Town, Western Cape.

To summarise the above, Ann’s experience was made easier by the pre-planning of a service like Table Mountain Tickets. Her experience, like many others, was improved by the articles on the website and helpful suggestions of people who have experienced the same thing before.