Pat was in Cape Town with her husband last winter. They saw some things to do in Cape Town, like hiking, but none appeared more appealing than the one and only Table Mountain. Natural Parks are always an excellent choice of things to do in Cape Town and especially that they found some time during winter with clear skies. 开普敦冬季的天气通常很冷,但不要下雨或多云. 帕特接下来要做的就是购买桌山门票! 太好了–是一天开始寻找通行证的一种方式. 她在黑暗的地方上网搜索容易获得的机票, 可惜, 没有.
直到她找到TableMountainTickets.com网站! 该网站是在合理的价格在线购买桌山门票的最简单方法,并且捆绑包含通行证. 门票与服务一起出售, and she readily accepted. Pat was smart because she knew that Cape Town could be a little on the dangerous side. 桌山门票’ website provided first-hand information on everything she needed to cover her Table Mountain trip. That left only one thing to do in Cape Town.
下一个, she decided on a date to board the Cable Car with the tickets. A day not too hot yet not too cold would be perfect for spending a day on the mountain. Table Mountain Café was open most days, and they thought they could have a hot drink on top of the hill and take the free Table Mountain tour. So they planned ahead and checked Cape Town weather. It was not long before they came across reports for the next day being sunny enough and also fitting to their plans for the afternoon. They thought that if they took the Cable Car in the afternoon around 5pm, then they would be there for sunset at 7pm.
Cable Car closes at around 7-8pm, so they thought that it would make an ideal time for picture taking. 开普敦的日落特别独特, 或者他们听到了, 所以他们在下午5点出发乘坐缆车. 到达那里对他们的酒店交通工具感到舒适, Google Maps South Africa使得寻找售票亭变得更加容易, 他们发现他们不需要排队等候,因为他们已经通过此网站在线购买了门票. 这种节省时间的活动可以节省 2 小时. 票务线是空的, 但这是因为开普敦的冬天比平常更冷, 而且很酷.
缆车已准备好在较低的空中缆车道上搭乘, 和帕特, 想等她丈夫, 从下面拍了几张索道的照片, 朝上. 桌山从开普敦(Cape Town)下方无限制地俯瞰. 桌山3公里长的公寓和高1公里的高耸建筑,是在她的丈夫和她一起乘坐缆车前拍照时拍摄的 4 ½分钟. 360-degree rotating platform and the opportunity to snap photos along the way helped this couple establish their surroundings and view the V&A Waterfront from above Cape Town on the Cable Car.
Upper Cable Car was no different, there were views of Table Mountain in all directions. It was afternoon, and Pat made the decision to grab some lunch at the café, a restaurant on top of Table Mountain with a buffet section and some delicious food! Pat’s husband joined along, and they ate outside at the highest restaurant in Cape Town. It was a fantastic experience, and Pat cherished this view for a long, long time. Next was to explore the top of the mountain and to meet the Dassies. Little furry creatures like Dassies take all the photos and sun on top of Table Mountain. Dassies bath in the sun and make for excellent photography. They like the sun, eating, drinking, and taking photos with the tourists in exchange for some food. Luckily Pat still had some leftover snacks, so she fed the Dassies a bit too early before reading the sign. No feeding Dassies allowed on Table Mountain National Park. Why? Because they bite humans.
To finish off the day, Pat and her husband took some photos near the Upper Aerial Cableway and set up their camera for a majestic sunset over Cape Town, Atlantic Seaboard. The views were great, and the evening was much more beautiful than they thought. After a quick catch up with the sun, they headed down Table Mountain in the Cable Car with their return tickets. Short lines made it easier to get down Table Mountain, and they left a suggested 10 minutes after sunset was finished, therefore avoiding the masses of people which headed down after them for the last cable car down. Perfect choice for those short of time or who want to experience the most cost-effective and time-saving Table Mountain tickets. No doubt, Pat had fun with her husband while taking in the safety precautions on top of the national park. Beautiful, isn’t it – she thought. There was so much time for photos and to enjoy the beauty as well as take photos. Made possible with the help of Table Mountain Tickets, an updated source of information made available online to all who seek the keywordsTable Mountain Tickets.
After all of that, they headed back to their hotel in the CBD of Cape Town and enjoyed South African wine on their view porch. Just what their wine tour guide had advised them to go after a long day trip in Cape Town. 下次他们计划在早上见到桌山时,因为那是因为他们听说开普敦的天气最好,而且所有Dassies都在移动! 清晨野生动物也外出觅食, 甚至小鸟都唱着快乐的乐曲.

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