来自英国的James及其家人正在考虑将开普敦作为他们的下一个度假胜地. 幸运的是,他们在桌山缆车上遇到了信息. 开普敦景点玩乐之一, 因此,詹姆斯着手研究桌山门票的更多问题, 次, 和小时. 不久之后,他就进入了这个网站,获得了购买卡所需的所有信息.
春天到了, 桌山空中索道刚刚从年度维修中重新开放. 那太好了,因为, 两个星期, 封闭检查. 注意到门票现在打折, 詹姆斯为家人购买了早鸟票. 总费用为 20% 比平常低, 这是正确的时机. 自通行证发出之日起七日内有效. Tickets meant that James and his family could enter Table Mountain Cable Car. Applicable up to a full week after the official pass date.
Weather in Cape Town changes frequently, or so James read, so it was up to him to choose the right day to visit the national park. On the morning of his pass, the family readied the car to go to Table Mountain. Busy was the line at the Lower Aerial Cableway because it was spring, and people wanted to go up early. So too was James and his family overwhelmed with the number of people boarding the cable car. By the time they got there, it was 7:30 am. The first time that the cable car goes up with passengers and staff.
With these tickets, James got the best view of Table Mountain, Cape Town, and the surrounding Atlantic Seaboard. His family snapped some excellent photos too from above the ground. A car parked on the road just below the Lower Aerial Cableway, his family was able to spot the hotel which they booked on Devils Peak mountain. Three hundred sixty degrees later and lots of burst shorts, the family was at the top of Table Mountain. The son, youngest age 4, did not need a Table Mountain ticket. It was his birthday, and co-incidentally the Aerial Cableway did not need his card.
Four and a half minutes of the spectacular ride took this family to the top of Table Mountain, near the Café and restaurant. From there, they ate breakfast at the restaurant. It was cheap and early, so they would not have been able to find breakfast so quickly. The Table Mountain staff directed them to the nearest place to eat in Cape Town, which so happened to up on the mountain. Table Mountain tickets in hand, the family navigated the mountain to secure their return place on the Cable Car. They had a tour booked for the afternoon to Simons Town and Penguins.
The beach they heard was near Cape Point, a famous nature reserve on the southern side of Cape Town. Filled with African Penguins, the beach was a popular tourist destination in Cape Town, South Africa. Able to get down the mountain early because of the low number of people waiting for the Cable Car, tickets for Table Mountain afforded them the time they needed to go back to their hotel and change before heading out to Boulders Beach on the next tour time with their booking agent. Penguins were ready, they were on point and looked at the camera just like they had done before. As one of the most popular places in Cape Town, Boulders Beach was the most attractive place to go and see wildlife.
Since the drive was long, James and his family had just come from Tafelburg Road, down the Atlantic, all the way past Chapmans Peak Drive, to the Cape Colony (Boulders Beach). The 1 hour plus ride had them sore from the whole day driving. 然而, they had gotten in the essential thing in the day, which was Table Mountain Cable Car and the tickets which accompanied their purchase with the website. Now they were finished for the day and wanted to relax at one of Cape Town coastal areas. They rested for a while before heading to Camps Bay for dinner along the beachfront, where there were lots of choices for places to eat in Cape Town. Seafood was their choice of dinner because of restaurants like the Codfather, Café Caprice, and other excellent options of Cape Town eats, delicious food awaits!
Now that they f dinner, they wanted to do something relaxing; Table Mountain tickets had served them well to get up and down the Aerial Cableway. 然而, they still had not experienced Robben Island, too much for one day. 仍然, they had an idea to go to V&A Waterfront with the boats and rides. The V&A London Eye wheel was the landmark for the Waterfront. They had heard the trips there gave a bird’s eye view of Cape Town and Table Mountain, so James took his family to the V&A Waterfront ride. Now on most days, the V&A would be busy. 仍然, they had got an early start during the morning to Table Mountain, so it was easy to hop in the car and take a drive from what would have been a packed main road and drive through to the V&A Waterfront. 下一个, they had the views which they were supposed to at the V&A Waterfront through the wheel and took some fantastic photos of the surrounding Cape Town.
From there, the family was quickly able to get back to their hotel as the night had come, and James was concerned over his family and safety in Cape Town. James had read that it was best to go back after dark in Cape Town because of the safety issues and to make things better for getting up the next day. The next day the family headed out to Robben Island as planned, 那是开普敦的又一个春天. 天气之前还挺好的, 詹姆斯喜欢 4 回家之前的一个小时罗本岛之旅. 詹姆斯一直记得开普敦的统治, 安全第一, 这使他的家人避免了在天黑后呆太长时间并帮助他在开普敦感到更安全的风险.