Table Mountain tickets

Fred’s Experience

Fred and Anna were a dual nationality couple from the United States of America and Ukraine. Both had unique professions. Fred was an application developer, working mainly with WordPress, and Anna was a lawyer and multi-lingual expert, speaking almost seven different languages fluently. They wanted to come to Cape Town and experience Table Mountain National Park, but were unsure of what the New 7 Wonder of Nature had to offer in terms of hiking, cable car, walking, trails, and more! So they did the most intelligent thing to do on the web, which as – “Google it!.” They just searched the terms on Google “Table Mountain tickets” and up came the components of the search, including costs for 2020 and the website Updated with information on the Aerial Cableway for the year 2020.

Fred wanted to get things organized, being the logical one, he tried to plan and pre-purchase return tickets for the Lower Aerial Cableway in Cape Town a day before they arrived at the airport. Booking with his phone, he typed in the URL of the website to buy tickets and out popped the latest information with ticket times, cost, and availability for the next day. Taking out his credit card, he saw that the website also had an option to pay with PayPal, because he was from the US, this was the preferred option for many users of internet shopping. Table Mountain tickets, purchased in many ways, including online with a credit card, PayPal, and also some new options, only available to the VIP cable car guests of Table Mountain. Low-cost options were available for students.

The following day was also a beautiful day in Cape Town; the weather forecast said sunny with almost no chance of rain. Autumn in Cape Town had this unique air to it, like a fresh, breezy day with little incidences of cloudy or overly windy conditions. Anna had researched the best time to stay in Cape Town and up came the month which they had chosen; they had only planned for a week before, but that was okay given that the weather in Cape Town had shown promising results for up to a month before arrival. Airlines were all advising now that prices were good for flights to Cape Town, and people could rest assured of low-cost flights from New York to Cape Town for as little as a few hundred Dollars, USD. The Dollar was loud now, so Fred thought now would be a good time to buy flights from NYC to CPT.

That was when he assured Anna that they were going to take some time off work in the Big Apple to find nature and lush green mountainsides on the slopes of Cape Town, South Africa. It was the right decision because the following week, the prices of flights increased, and the Table Mountain Aerial Cable Car would begin it’s annual maintenance plan, closed for two weeks – Not a good omen if visiting the Mother City of Cape Town. Two weeks could mean the difference between taking the Cable Car or maybe even hiking Table Mountain with a tour guide service like the free Table Mountain tours. City sightseeing only offered transport to the Lower Aerial Cableway from Long Street, the office of City Sightseeing took them directly to the Cable Car. Anna planned that they would take the red bus on the day to sightsee Cape Town city. It was taking them in the morning to the Cable Car at the earliest open time. 8:00 am, and the Aerial Cableway was accessible to many people flocking to board the first shuttle up the mountain. 

Anna and Fred, having purchased the tickets a day in advance, received confirmation of Table Mountain tickets by email in the morning on the day they were arriving. Since both were new to Cape Town, as American visitors, they took the time to read the blog at Table Mountain tickets, which was a primary source of information on the Cable Car, including things like times, opening hours, rates, and cost. The blog even had information on wild animals like Dassies and more safety advice for using the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway and visiting Cape Town, South Africa. Ann had read that by using her tickets to go to Table Mountain; she was likely to see Baboons and wild mammals upon arriving at the Upper Aerial Cable Car Station. However, this fact was checked with websites like Table Mountain Tickets and deemed untrue based on the frequency of their sightings.

Dassies, however, are a common sighting on Table Mountain, can be seen upon entry at the Upper Aerial Cableway, and are friendly towards visitors. Next on their list was to return on the Cable Car and use their tickets to see the 360-degree view of the Mother City before Table Mountain sunset. Return tickets were valid for a one-way or return trip on the Aerial Cableway, so they used their card after about 4 hours of visiting Table Mountain and sightseeing Cape Town. 

Table Mountain Tickets is an informational website for visitors to research the Cable Car, Aerial Cableway, Table Mountain ticket, times, and cost. Tickets pre-purchased online are a bundled package to the Cable Car, and then passes to the Cable Car are a secondary service when compared to the information.

Anna and Fred were able to get updated information on the Cable Car, Aerial Cableway, and Table Mountain tickets, including costs and updated hours, and whether the Cable Car was open. Their research served them well, for they were the first ones to board the Cable Car and access the Upper Aerial Cableway in the morning, a day after their arrival, thus beating the lines and getting the best Table Mountain views. Cape Town was an incredible experience for them with these return tickets.

Next, Anna and Fred wanted to go and see Seal Island swim with the seals, but that was a different planning experience and a different Cape Town tour worth a whole lot of other words and more time.