Table Mountain tickets

Patrick’s Experience

Patrick was visiting from abroad; he wanted to make Table Mountain day trip. His friends were looking for things to do in Cape Town, too. However, they could only wait for Patrick to find the information online. Patrick searched for the info endlessly but, he could only see bits and pieces of data on the Cable Car operations, times, opening hours, and costs for Table Mountain tickets 2020. To his dismay, the Aerial Cableway lacked information on necessary steps to buying Table Mountain tickets. It only made him even more frustrated when one of his friends followed up with him on the progress for the Table Mountain day trip. The only thing which Patrick could do was to look online for sources of information on Table Mountain tickets with the option to buy day trip passes as bundles to the majestic mountain.
Patrick found the website Table Mountain Tickets, an with it, all of the information that he needed. His friends, a group of ten people, were anxiously waiting for the information from him during the interim. Left with no other option, Patrick forwarded the website with his friends, they started talking and found the information on the Table Mountain Tickets website to be of great importance for planning their trip to Table Mountain National Park in Cape Town. Table Mountain Aerial Cableway was planning an upcoming event with the sunset tickets for the cable car. However, Patrick was only interested in getting his friends up on the Aerial Cable Car before it went down for the last ride around 8 pm during summer. The Cable Car would stop operations around 8:00 pm the following three days for the event, so that is why Patrick bought Table Mountain tickets in advance for the afternoon times, three days before CPT.
The tickets were bought online through a bundled purchase like Table Mountain Tickets. With the purchase came the opportunity for all of Patrick’s questions answered. Questions including the cost for Table Mountain tickets 2020 and prices for the group to go up and ride on the cable car, student discount, and also elderly, senior discounts. Green Card purchases were available at the Aerial Cable Car, but since Patrick was not a South African citizen, so he chooses to do the regular thing and buy passes to the cable car as a once-off ticket. There was no better option for him as a group to enter his credit card details online because the website accepted both credit cards, PayPal, and other options. Dollars were even taken, which was great, considering most of the group had either converted into Dollars before coming to South Africa or were using Dollar cards with their cards, such as American Express, Mastercard, and VISA. Table Mountain tickets could be purchased with any currency because the website had options for travelers from around the world, there was only a conversion fee with the merchant account, bank, or card provider. Euros were also another popular was to change the currency for the Table Mountain tickets or even Yuan with the Bank of China, Mastercard, or WeChat Pay accounts.
Patrick collected the money from his friends and bought ten Table Mountain tickets at a cost, less than it would be to scour the web for unreliable sources of information. Table Mountain tickets included a map of table mountain and primary services in addition to the value-added extra of receiving the mountain tickets. Extras included information on wild animals of Table Mountain and places to eat, drink, shop in Cape Town. Information even included much-expected facts on Robben Island, Waterfront, and other famous sites in Cape Town. Sightseeing was also advised in the itinerary on the website, including Cape of Good Hope, Boulders Beach, and other landmarks in Cape Town, top things to do in Cape Town, SA. After Patrick received the cards, the next step was to check that the date on the tickets matched the data entered online. That was okay because Patrick saw that the year was for three days from the date that he purchased the tickets for the cable car in Cape Town. His friends were arriving for the next few days, and he, wanting to get things organized, checked over the information on the Cable Car, Aerial Cableway, and Table Mountain with a toothpick of attention sorting all info wisely.
The day came, and Patrick retrieved his Table Mountain tickets online with the barcode to enter via the Cableway. Table Mountain needed passengers on that day to take the Lower Aerial Cablecar to the Upper Aerial Cablecar with little or no delay, so that is why reminders were sent out the day before on proper boarding safety for Table Mountain including what to avoid on Table Mountain. Muggings and Dassies biting man were often happening at that time; although muggings had subsided quite drastically, Dassies were still on the move and a prominent threat on Table Mountain. Visitors of the park would be having a lovely walk along the top of the mountain when all of a sudden – Bam. A dassie would walk along the path and chase them for their food, drinks, or candy. Dassies would not often bite humans, but because they were starving, they would hunt them until the humans would drop the package. Don’t lose the Table Mountain tickets, Patrick thought, all the better that they are in an electronic version, printable but yet still redeemable via the free pass on Table Mountain tickets.
In summary, Patrick had a good day on the mountain with the help of Table Mountain Tickets. The information he found on the website and elsewhere assisted his choice of booking a Cable Car ride at the right time and the correct cost. Table Mountain Aerial Cableway was hosting an event at that time, so by buying tickets early. Getting there before the game started, Patrick was able to see the views from Table Mountain. Experience nature on top of the New 7 Wonder of Nature and get photographs.

Table Mountain tickets

Fred’s Experience

Fred and Anna were a dual nationality couple from the United States of America and Ukraine. Both had unique professions. Fred was an application developer, working mainly with WordPress, and Anna was a lawyer and multi-lingual expert, speaking almost seven different languages fluently. They wanted to come to Cape Town and experience Table Mountain National Park, but were unsure of what the New 7 Wonder of Nature had to offer in terms of hiking, cable car, walking, trails, and more! So they did the most intelligent thing to do on the web, which as – “Google it!.” They just searched the terms on Google “Table Mountain tickets” and up came the components of the search, including costs for 2020 and the website Updated with information on the Aerial Cableway for the year 2020.

Fred wanted to get things organized, being the logical one, he tried to plan and pre-purchase return tickets for the Lower Aerial Cableway in Cape Town a day before they arrived at the airport. Booking with his phone, he typed in the URL of the website to buy tickets and out popped the latest information with ticket times, cost, and availability for the next day. Taking out his credit card, he saw that the website also had an option to pay with PayPal, because he was from the US, this was the preferred option for many users of internet shopping. Table Mountain tickets, purchased in many ways, including online with a credit card, PayPal, and also some new options, only available to the VIP cable car guests of Table Mountain. Low-cost options were available for students.

The following day was also a beautiful day in Cape Town; the weather forecast said sunny with almost no chance of rain. Autumn in Cape Town had this unique air to it, like a fresh, breezy day with little incidences of cloudy or overly windy conditions. Anna had researched the best time to stay in Cape Town and up came the month which they had chosen; they had only planned for a week before, but that was okay given that the weather in Cape Town had shown promising results for up to a month before arrival. Airlines were all advising now that prices were good for flights to Cape Town, and people could rest assured of low-cost flights from New York to Cape Town for as little as a few hundred Dollars, USD. The Dollar was loud now, so Fred thought now would be a good time to buy flights from NYC to CPT.

That was when he assured Anna that they were going to take some time off work in the Big Apple to find nature and lush green mountainsides on the slopes of Cape Town, South Africa. It was the right decision because the following week, the prices of flights increased, and the Table Mountain Aerial Cable Car would begin it’s annual maintenance plan, closed for two weeks – Not a good omen if visiting the Mother City of Cape Town. Two weeks could mean the difference between taking the Cable Car or maybe even hiking Table Mountain with a tour guide service like the free Table Mountain tours. City sightseeing only offered transport to the Lower Aerial Cableway from Long Street, the office of City Sightseeing took them directly to the Cable Car. Anna planned that they would take the red bus on the day to sightsee Cape Town city. It was taking them in the morning to the Cable Car at the earliest open time. 8:00 am, and the Aerial Cableway was accessible to many people flocking to board the first shuttle up the mountain. 

Anna and Fred, having purchased the tickets a day in advance, received confirmation of Table Mountain tickets by email in the morning on the day they were arriving. Since both were new to Cape Town, as American visitors, they took the time to read the blog at Table Mountain tickets, which was a primary source of information on the Cable Car, including things like times, opening hours, rates, and cost. The blog even had information on wild animals like Dassies and more safety advice for using the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway and visiting Cape Town, South Africa. Ann had read that by using her tickets to go to Table Mountain; she was likely to see Baboons and wild mammals upon arriving at the Upper Aerial Cable Car Station. However, this fact was checked with websites like Table Mountain Tickets and deemed untrue based on the frequency of their sightings.

Dassies, however, are a common sighting on Table Mountain, can be seen upon entry at the Upper Aerial Cableway, and are friendly towards visitors. Next on their list was to return on the Cable Car and use their tickets to see the 360-degree view of the Mother City before Table Mountain sunset. Return tickets were valid for a one-way or return trip on the Aerial Cableway, so they used their card after about 4 hours of visiting Table Mountain and sightseeing Cape Town. 

Table Mountain Tickets is an informational website for visitors to research the Cable Car, Aerial Cableway, Table Mountain ticket, times, and cost. Tickets pre-purchased online are a bundled package to the Cable Car, and then passes to the Cable Car are a secondary service when compared to the information.

Anna and Fred were able to get updated information on the Cable Car, Aerial Cableway, and Table Mountain tickets, including costs and updated hours, and whether the Cable Car was open. Their research served them well, for they were the first ones to board the Cable Car and access the Upper Aerial Cableway in the morning, a day after their arrival, thus beating the lines and getting the best Table Mountain views. Cape Town was an incredible experience for them with these return tickets.

Next, Anna and Fred wanted to go and see Seal Island swim with the seals, but that was a different planning experience and a different Cape Town tour worth a whole lot of other words and more time.

Table Mountain tickets

Jeff’s Experience

Jeff was visiting Cape Town with his old 86-year-old wife; he too was no spring chicken. At his old age, Jeff wanted to see everything before his 90th birthday. He chooses to go to South Africa with his wife because they thought they could see all the wild-life on a 29-day overland tour. Cape Town was the first stop where the group would meet at night. Thirty of them in total, the group was to meet at the Only hotel at 8:00 pm sharp.

Timewise Jeff was able to schedule in the Cable Car for 8 am. Since the first Cable Car went up at eight, it afforded them time to visit Table Mountain. Tickets for Table Mountain were bought five days in advance, with two senior cards at a discount rate to the average price. Now that they had bought their tickets online, the last step was to get confirmation of passes. The night before Jeff was worried that his tickets would not arrive, but he checked Gmail, and to his surprise, the tickets were there from two days before. Made things easy when he was checking electronic mails.

On the day of the Aerial Cableway, Jeff arrived early to find the line long. The ticket line was mainly affected by the people coming from Southeast Asian countries. Jeff, an old-timer USA citizen, wanted to speed things up by getting in front before everyone else, or else it would take too long to get up the mountain. Tickets provided as a bundled package with Table Mountain Tickets and valid for a two-way expedited pass with the Cable Car in Cape Town. Cheap yet affordable to go on the Cable Car for two, Jeff wanted to know about his birthday and whether the Aerial Cableway offered free or discounted tickets.

Unfortunately, Jeff was a foreign national, which made it difficult for him to present an ID. Otherwise, it would have been an excellent idea to use his old senior ID to get Table Mountain birthday tickets for R 0.00. Sunset individual tickets were also available at the time that he choose AM tickets, but since he had a meeting with the overland tour group that night at eight, he wanted AM.

As Jeff had already purchased his tickets many days before, he was able to pass many people on the path, queuing to buy tickets at the Lower Aerial Cableway. He was enthusiastic about being one of the first people to board the Cable Car in summer, which only fits 70 people. Now that the time was right, he leaped in front of the queue to redeem his Table Mountain tickets. The staff member of Table Mountain, wearing a green uniform at the front, was delighted to receive a card from an older member who purchased their ticket online with the scanning barcode visible.

The staff member scanned the ticket with the hand-held barcode scanner and gave way to Jeff and his wife. 4 ½ minutes later, they were at the top of the Aerial Cableway, and there were magnificent views that day. Clouds covered the Atlantic Seaboard in what was known as the Coldfront; clouds also covered Table Mountain in the morning, which is known as the Table Cloth. These two natural occurrences made for picture taking with Jeff and his wife. They snapped some photos for their grandson back in The States.

The States has some magnificent mountains but none like Cape Town’s Table Top. The peak at almost 1km high and 3km long is the backdrop to the city center in Cape Town central regions. Atlantic Seaboard is the viewpoint from Table Mountain from behind Lions Head Mountain, with Signal Hill Road and Robben Island at approximately 7km from the Clock Tower at the V&A Waterfront. Since these landmarks are so visible from the top of Table Mountain, there is no need to use a map, look! The only plans that visitors should be using are Google Maps South Africa. Navigating a city like Cape Town does require expert knowledge of where it is safe to go alone and where to stay in Cape Town, SA.

Luckily, Jeff had booked at a beautiful sea resort for a day or two near the Waterfront. Their accommodation in Cape Town had provided them with the Do’s and Don’ts for staying in Cape Town, which included avoiding areas like Long St and regions near Cape Town International airport, not safe for foreigners.

The hotel was at the Waterfront, which is a relatively safe area comprising of the Greenpoint, Sea Point and Three Anchor Bay areas. Their prominence in Cape Town makes up part of the Atlantic Seaboard. Camps Bay and Clifton areas are also part of this area covered under Atlantic Seaboard. Table Mountain views include Atlantic Seaboard, which made it easy for Jeff and his wife to spot the Waterfront, beaches like Camps Bay, and more! Jeff was especially interested in seeing areas like Boulders Beach penguins, Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point.

Those three areas covered on the first day of their overland tour of the Western Cape. With this in mind, they saved their photos from the view of Table Mountain to show their tour group of thirty people that night when they got down from the Cable Car.

Take from Jeff that the only way to buy Table Mountain tickets is online. Services like Table Mountain Tickets provide all-access, bundled tickets to the cable car. Tickets have skipped the queue for the high tickets line, which made a difference in getting up Table Mountain early – Highly recommended and essential.

In summary – Jeff bought his Table Mountain tickets five days before the Cable Car in Cape Town, which saved him hours of waiting time in the line for passes. He and his wife were able to see the view from Table Mountain by exploring the area near the Upper Aerial Cableway.

Pictures taken of the Southern part of Cape Town included mainly Cape of Good Hope, Boulders Beach, and other Cape Town sightseeing attractions, which he and his wife would see the next day while on tour.

Table Mountain tickets

Mary’s Experience

A single mother of a 5-year-old, Mary was planning on coming to Cape Town to see Table Mountain. The trip would be a long 16 hours from Ireland. That made her even more nervous because her baby was only 5 years old a the time. She started searching online for things to do in Cape Town and came across Table Mountain National Park, only a 20 minutes drive from Cape Town City Centre. That finding made her excited, she wondered how she was going to ascend the 330 million years old mountain in time for the morning with her baby. 5-year-olds take time to get organized – or so she thought. Waiting on her plans to form a concrete idea, she took the initiative to buy Table Mountain tickets online as a bundled pass.

Her first choice of Table Mountain tickets was the website found here at because there was so much information on the Cable Car available, including Aerial Cableway, hours, times, cost, and how to get there for 2020. Tickets included a guide as well as other information that she would not have known beforehand if she did not research “Table Mountain Tickets” on Wise as she was, she didn’t know how to buy tickets with only a few days to go; that is where the site provided all the data needed to make a choice on whether to buy now or to buy later. Cape Town weather changes rapidly, and that is why she choose to buy then, given that it was reported rain for the next few days, she wanted to wait it out. The morning was actually sunny on that day, but even though the forecast said rain, she had heard how Cape Town has four seasons in one day. Exciting as it may be, Mary wanted to buy the tickets during a time in Cape Town that had sunny weather.

Following her observation on Cape Town weather, she bought the tickets for 3 days from her arrival in Cape Town. Even though the weather was rainy in the morning, the 1mm rain did not phase her, and she observed as the day before that Cape Town experiences changes in weather rapidly. Table Mountain hosts its own climate, and because she was staying on the mountainside with a view of the Waterfront, Devils Peak, and Cape Town Central, she chose to play it by ear and see the weather on the day. Three days later and she had herself a good morning to visit the Cable Car in Cape Town, with weather as good as it could be, she choose to use her Table Mountain tickets during the morning. Passes were valid from 8:30 am till 1:00 pm, at which point she would need to buy a new Table Mountain ticket for the afternoon Cable Car. Morning tickets were not valid after 1:00 pm anyways – she thought so better to use it in the morning while it’s still fresh, and the line to the Aerial Cableway is shorter.

Her baby was ready at 7:00 am, and it only took a few minutes by Uber to reach the Lower Aerial Cableway, she searched on the night before. Also, online was available information on the opening times of the Cable Car, which she would not have known otherwise if she did not search “Table Mountain tickets.” The job was done, and she and her five years old boarded the cable car with the electronic tickets that they had received the night before. It only took 24 hours for her to receive the tickets by email, but she didn’t check because she had been so busy with things like Boulders Beach and the penguins of Simons Town. The previous day she was shopping at the Waterfront and looking for something to buy for her five-year-old, including stuffed toys and other souvenirs at shops like the PnP market.

The Upper Aerial Cableway was busy, she found herself faced with many people, all of whom had the same idea of using Cable Car tickets to board Table Mountain Aerial Cableway. There they took photos and did the same thing that she did, only that she was more informed of the times for the Cable Car and knew to leave early before the crowds of people Table Mountain tickets were valid for her return trip so there was no way she’d be going later than 10:00 am. After this, the crowds amassed, and she would have a delay in her return trip down Table Mountain. Her five-year-old was well behaved the whole way. After Table Mountain, Mary wanted to skype call her family and friends in Ireland, so she set up a phone call with the sim card that she had purchased at Vodacom the night before at V&A Waterfront. The 4g connection was kind enough to host an HD video call from the Lower Aerial Cable Car using their Wifi. Free Wifi was available at the Lower Aerial Cableway, which made it easy for Mary to host a free video call to her family in Ireland. She stopped at the City Sightseeing bus stop at Table Mountain to show her family the road to Signal Hill and Lions Head, as well as Table Mountain North Face and the Cable Car. The family was shocked at how Table Mountain, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, could host an Aerial Cableway almost 1km up in the sky. Since it was around 10:00 am, Mary decided to go back to her hotel with her five years old to have brunch at the buffet section. Mary was wondering before her trip where to stay in Cape Town, and she found a cozy place nestled on the slopes of Tafelburg with It was at a steal of a price because Mary had planned her trip off-season, much cheaper than it would have been during Cape Town summer months, December to January. Hosting visitors during this time would be harder as locals on Airbnb find it challenging to keep up with the demand for accommodation in Cape Town. Best that Mary had booked her stay for the off-season months!

Table Mountain tickets

Pat’s Experience

Pat was in Cape Town with her husband last winter. They saw some things to do in Cape Town, like hiking, but none appeared more appealing than the one and only Table Mountain. Natural Parks are always an excellent choice of things to do in Cape Town and especially that they found some time during winter with clear skies. The weather during Cape Town winter is usually cold but not too rainy or cloudy. The next thing for Pat to do was to buy Table Mountain Tickets! Great – What a way to start a day than to go looking for passes. She scoured the web in dark places for tickets easy to procure, but alas, there were none.
Until she found the website! The site was the easiest way to buy Table Mountain Tickets online for reasonable prices and with the bundled inclusion of the pass. Tickets were on sale with the services, and she readily accepted. Pat was smart because she knew that Cape Town could be a little on the dangerous side. Table Mountain Tickets’ website provided first-hand information on everything she needed to cover her Table Mountain trip. That left only one thing to do in Cape Town.
Next, she decided on a date to board the Cable Car with the tickets. A day not too hot yet not too cold would be perfect for spending a day on the mountain. Table Mountain Café was open most days, and they thought they could have a hot drink on top of the hill and take the free Table Mountain tour. So they planned ahead and checked Cape Town weather. It was not long before they came across reports for the next day being sunny enough and also fitting to their plans for the afternoon. They thought that if they took the Cable Car in the afternoon around 5pm, then they would be there for sunset at 7pm.
Cable Car closes at around 7-8pm, so they thought that it would make an ideal time for picture taking. Sunset in Cape Town is particularly unique, or so they heard, so they set out on the 5pm shuttle for the Cable Car. Getting there was comfortable with their hotel transport, and Google Maps South Africa made it even easier to find the tickets booth, which they found out that they didn’t need to wait in line because they had pre-purchased their tickets online through this website. This time-saving activity can save 2 hours. The ticket line was empty, but that was because it was a colder than usual winter in Cape Town, and it was cool.
The Cable Car was ready to board at the Lower Aerial Cable Way, and Pat, wanting to wait for her husband, took a few photos of the Cableway from below, facing up. Table Mountain was seen from below Cape Town at a vantage point without limits. Table Mountain 3km long flat and 1km towering high made for picture taking before her husband went on the Cable Car ride with her for 4 ½ minutes. 360-degree rotating platform and the opportunity to snap photos along the way helped this couple establish their surroundings and view the V&A Waterfront from above Cape Town on the Cable Car.
Upper Cable Car was no different, there were views of Table Mountain in all directions. It was afternoon, and Pat made the decision to grab some lunch at the café, a restaurant on top of Table Mountain with a buffet section and some delicious food! Pat’s husband joined along, and they ate outside at the highest restaurant in Cape Town. It was a fantastic experience, and Pat cherished this view for a long, long time. Next was to explore the top of the mountain and to meet the Dassies. Little furry creatures like Dassies take all the photos and sun on top of Table Mountain. Dassies bath in the sun and make for excellent photography. They like the sun, eating, drinking, and taking photos with the tourists in exchange for some food. Luckily Pat still had some leftover snacks, so she fed the Dassies a bit too early before reading the sign. No feeding Dassies allowed on Table Mountain National Park. Why? Because they bite humans.
To finish off the day, Pat and her husband took some photos near the Upper Aerial Cableway and set up their camera for a majestic sunset over Cape Town, Atlantic Seaboard. The views were great, and the evening was much more beautiful than they thought. After a quick catch up with the sun, they headed down Table Mountain in the Cable Car with their return tickets. Short lines made it easier to get down Table Mountain, and they left a suggested 10 minutes after sunset was finished, therefore avoiding the masses of people which headed down after them for the last cable car down. Perfect choice for those short of time or who want to experience the most cost-effective and time-saving Table Mountain tickets. No doubt, Pat had fun with her husband while taking in the safety precautions on top of the national park. Beautiful, isn’t it – she thought. There was so much time for photos and to enjoy the beauty as well as take photos. Made possible with the help of Table Mountain Tickets, an updated source of information made available online to all who seek the keywords “Table Mountain Tickets.”
After all of that, they headed back to their hotel in the CBD of Cape Town and enjoyed South African wine on their view porch. Just what their wine tour guide had advised them to go after a long day trip in Cape Town. Next time they planned on seeing Table Mountain in the morning because that is when they heard that Cape Town weather was at it’s best and that all of the Dassies are more on the move! The wild animals are also out looking for food early in the morning, and even the birds sing a happy tune.

Table Mountain tickets

Jame’s Experience

James and his family from the UK were thinking about Cape Town as their next holiday destination. Luckily they came across information on the Table Mountain Cable Car. One of the things to do in Cape Town, so James set out to research more on the Table Mountain tickets, times, and hours. It was not long before he came across this site with all the information needed for his purchase of cards.
It was spring, and the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway had just reopened from its annual repairs. That was just great because, for two weeks, closed for inspection. Noticing that tickets were now on discount, James bought the early bird tickets for his family. The total cost was 20% lower than usual, and it was the right timing. Valid for seven days from the date issued on the pass. Tickets meant that James and his family could enter Table Mountain Cable Car. Applicable up to a full week after the official pass date.
Weather in Cape Town changes frequently, or so James read, so it was up to him to choose the right day to visit the national park. On the morning of his pass, the family readied the car to go to Table Mountain. Busy was the line at the Lower Aerial Cableway because it was spring, and people wanted to go up early. So too was James and his family overwhelmed with the number of people boarding the cable car. By the time they got there, it was 7:30 am. The first time that the cable car goes up with passengers and staff.
With these tickets, James got the best view of Table Mountain, Cape Town, and the surrounding Atlantic Seaboard. His family snapped some excellent photos too from above the ground. A car parked on the road just below the Lower Aerial Cableway, his family was able to spot the hotel which they booked on Devils Peak mountain. Three hundred sixty degrees later and lots of burst shorts, the family was at the top of Table Mountain. The son, youngest age 4, did not need a Table Mountain ticket. It was his birthday, and co-incidentally the Aerial Cableway did not need his card.
Four and a half minutes of the spectacular ride took this family to the top of Table Mountain, near the Café and restaurant. From there, they ate breakfast at the restaurant. It was cheap and early, so they would not have been able to find breakfast so quickly. The Table Mountain staff directed them to the nearest place to eat in Cape Town, which so happened to up on the mountain. Table Mountain tickets in hand, the family navigated the mountain to secure their return place on the Cable Car. They had a tour booked for the afternoon to Simons Town and Penguins.
The beach they heard was near Cape Point, a famous nature reserve on the southern side of Cape Town. Filled with African Penguins, the beach was a popular tourist destination in Cape Town, South Africa. Able to get down the mountain early because of the low number of people waiting for the Cable Car, tickets for Table Mountain afforded them the time they needed to go back to their hotel and change before heading out to Boulders Beach on the next tour time with their booking agent. Penguins were ready, they were on point and looked at the camera just like they had done before. As one of the most popular places in Cape Town, Boulders Beach was the most attractive place to go and see wildlife.
Since the drive was long, James and his family had just come from Tafelburg Road, down the Atlantic, all the way past Chapmans Peak Drive, to the Cape Colony (Boulders Beach). The 1 hour plus ride had them sore from the whole day driving. However, they had gotten in the essential thing in the day, which was Table Mountain Cable Car and the tickets which accompanied their purchase with the website. Now they were finished for the day and wanted to relax at one of Cape Town coastal areas. They rested for a while before heading to Camps Bay for dinner along the beachfront, where there were lots of choices for places to eat in Cape Town. Seafood was their choice of dinner because of restaurants like the Codfather, Café Caprice, and other excellent options of Cape Town eats, delicious food awaits!
Now that they f dinner, they wanted to do something relaxing; Table Mountain tickets had served them well to get up and down the Aerial Cableway. However, they still had not experienced Robben Island, too much for one day. Still, they had an idea to go to V&A Waterfront with the boats and rides. The V&A London Eye wheel was the landmark for the Waterfront. They had heard the trips there gave a bird’s eye view of Cape Town and Table Mountain, so James took his family to the V&A Waterfront ride. Now on most days, the V&A would be busy. Still, they had got an early start during the morning to Table Mountain, so it was easy to hop in the car and take a drive from what would have been a packed main road and drive through to the V&A Waterfront. Next, they had the views which they were supposed to at the V&A Waterfront through the wheel and took some fantastic photos of the surrounding Cape Town.
From there, the family was quickly able to get back to their hotel as the night had come, and James was concerned over his family and safety in Cape Town. James had read that it was best to go back after dark in Cape Town because of the safety issues and to make things better for getting up the next day. The next day the family headed out to Robben Island as planned, and it was another spring day in Cape Town. The weather was good, and James enjoyed the 4 hour Robben Island tour with his family before heading home. James always remembered the rule in Cape Town, which was safety first, which saved his family the risk of keeping out too long after dark and helping him feel safer while in Cape Town.

Table Mountain tickets

Ann’s Experience

During the summer, Cape Town gets busy. Ann arrived from Austria, wanting to get her ducks in a row. Lined up for Table Mountain Cable Car the following week, Ann started to plan her trip to the New 7 Wonder of Nature. She checked times, opening hours, and Table Mountain Tickets. All was in order until she found out how difficult it was to get the tickets from vendors that always upsell her data.

Therefore Ann wanted a choice of booking agent that did not take all of her private data and does not store it in insecure ways. That is when she was browsing for blogs online with information. Table Mountain Tickets site was that solution; she found information on everything related to Table Mountain tickets, the Cable Car, and Table Mountain, including costs for 2020. The tickets were available at a small premium. Still, she did not note to look elsewhere for information, nor did she need to submit her details to a non-governmental organization.

Table Mountain Tickets was her choice of the optimal solution to buying her Cableway passes. Therefore, she made the smart choice and booked the tickets for the following week. Confirmation was instant, but she worried that the ticket order was not received. That is when Table Mountain Tickets reached out with the autoreply. Tickets are in process and within 24 hours. That was great because she could go about her Cape Town trip with her fellow backpackers and sightsee the many attractions in Cape Town. Waterfront was 1st on her list of things to do in Cape Town, so she headed off for dinner on the V&A.

Coming home later she received an email with her Table Mountain tickets. It was for the following week, but it was all in order and organized by the booking agent who carefully considered her reference of times, day, and the weather. The agent also shared some information on the best ticket usage and instructions for rebooking passes. Seven days later and Ann was on the Cable Car, such a fantastic experience. She only waited in line for up to half an hour on the day because the Aerial Cableway had a separate line for those with Table Mountain tickets. That means she skipped the long 2 hours line by buying her tickets online. Just wait till her friends heard about her experience on top of the mountain. It was so easy for her to get ahead of the crowd and new summit the Table Top. Tickets for Table Mountain was even more preferential to get in advance because of the heat of summer and the people at the bottom when she got to the top, experienced the most weather during the mid-morning. In the Cable, Car Ann had the chance to photograph Cape Town from a 360-degree angle.

Cable Car has a rotating floor in all directions. That is why bringing a camera is essential for a day on Table Mountain. With tickets in hand, there is not much to concern over because of the availability of information and also the helpful articles, blog posts, and experiences on the Table Mountain Tickets website. After Table Mountain was over, Ann decided to use her return tickets to the Cable Car for her journey down. Four hours was the time from when she started until the time that she was ready to go down again to the bottom. It was a short line to get down because the Cable Car fits almost 70 people. Ann was one of the first people to get down, as well as upon the day. If Ann had started any later, the lines for Table Mountain Cable Car would have been long, and getting tickets late would mean that she would have waited in line.

After Table Mountain, Ann decided to go to Robben Island. The island tour took another 4 hours, which was perfect for filling a day in Cape Town. Ferries to Robben Island depart every few hours, that is why recommended to do Table Mountain in the morning as opposed to in the afternoon. Ann went to the Waterfront directly from the Lower Aerial Cable Car, an excellent choice because summer in Cape Town was rather hot. 30 degrees Celsius is the average temperature during summer months in the Western Cape, so she brought a hat and sunscreen. The boat was shaded but on the island there was so much more heat than in the city. Trees cover a part of Robben Island, so to experience the tour without dehydrating in the heat.

Returning from Robben Island tour, Table Mountain sunset was starting to go down beyond the Atlantic Seaboard. Robben Island had finished, but that did not mean that Ann could not go out and explore. Table Mountain tickets used, and with a long day, Ann returned to her hostel to meet up with her friends and discuss the nighties. She was staying in Kloof Street at one of the popular backpackers. There are several backpackers in Kloof Street, and the road is within proximity to the mountain. All the easier if she was looking to hike Table Mountain the next day. Having other plans, she and her friends wanted to party on Long Street. An excellent idea if Ann is in a group, a terrible idea if she was on her own. That is why she decided to go with the group and have a couple of drinks on the main road opposite Long Street Baths. The way to go packed because it was a Friday night.

To keep safe, Ann put her smartphone in her pocket, and she used Table Mountain tickets as well as the Robben Island ferry pass. She made things easy and helped her feel safe after she went out with her friends. All the better to have a good day in Cape Town, Western Cape.

To summarise the above, Ann’s experience was made easier by the pre-planning of a service like Table Mountain Tickets. Her experience, like many others, was improved by the articles on the website and helpful suggestions of people who have experienced the same thing before.

Table Mountain tickets

Matthew’s Experience

Matthew’s day using the Cable Car
It was the night before in Cape Town, and not knowing whether the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway would be open the next day, Matthew used his phone to check whether the Cableway would be open the next day. Anticipating this, he searched “Cape Town Weather” because the weather in Cape Town dictates that the Cable Car is either open on a given day or closed due to high winds, rain, and or adverse weather conditions. Great! It said, “Sunny, clear skies with moderate wind and 30 degrees”.
That means the Cable Car would be open. Next, Matthew would need to find out if it would be sunny the whole day or raining at any point during the day. If it was raining, then a ticket expiring for morning or afternoon had to be used in time.
Table Mountain offers two types of tickets, morning and afternoon. So Matthew checked both times to see when the weather in Cape Town was at it’s most appropriate time to buy the tickets online for the Table Mountain Cableway in advance.
Morning tickets are valid till 1:00 pm, so he thought that it would be possible to get the tickets first thing in the morning before the line gets long, or he could buy it online now to save time in the queue.
Because Matthew was with a guest, he decided to buy the tickets online at Table Mountain Tickets. The only place online where tickets information is available in abundance for visitors.
The process of buying tickets was smooth, and all Matthew has to do was fill out the intended date, time, and make payment online using PayPal, a secure checkout using his Credit Card.
Now that payment was made, Matthew wanted to get confirmation that his tickets were being ordered. Luckily the tickets came with a message stating that the tickets were being procured and would be provided within 24 hours. Great, he thought, but the card should be for tomorrow, how am I to get the ticket in time for the Cable Car? That is when Table Mountain Tickets sent the confirmation email with the ticket’s barcode almost immediately.
Tickets in hand, Matthew wanted to print out his passes for the Cable Car so that he would know that they were safe. Printed passes are better than phone passes because they allow emergencies incase the phone died or broke.
Finding a print shop was easy for Matthew, even at this late hour, tickets could be printed by his hotel, making it a convenient way to assure him that he would have passes for the next day. Looking forward to this expedition, he excitedly put the tickets in his pocket and decided to go to sleep. The very next day, he woke up early to beat the queue at Table Mountain. After a well-rested sleep, he packed his bag with lots and lots of supplies. Water, a light jacket and sunscreen were a must, as well as a hat to keep the sun off of his eyes. The camera phone was excellent, so he just took it along.
With a backpack in hand, he headed out the door to go to Table Mountain. Uber arrived reasonably quickly after he opened his phone up outside to order a regular taxi ride. The driver arrived within minutes, and he greeted him to the car as they confirmed the destination, “Table Mountain,” they both agreed. Matthew, wanting to establish, said, “Aerial Cableway.” The driver nodded.
Heading there was not long, maybe 20 minutes from Cape Town City Centre. There was even a part that passed by the Lion’s Head and signals hill turn-off. That was easy! Now for the hard part, the driver said he was not from Cape Town, so Matthew hoped that he would know where to get off for the Cable Car. Zimbabwe drivers are standard in Cape Town as well as other North African countries, as Matthew learned from his airport shuttle driver many days earlier. To keep an eye on it, Matthew kept his smartphone out with Google Maps to Table Mountain Aerial Cableway. It was easy to find it because the Cableway was 1km further down the road from where the Table Mountain Road turned to the left from Kloof Nek Road. When he arrived, the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway was preparing to open. The 7:30 am staff cable car had left up, and he was left as the Lower Aerial Cableway wondering what he should do. There was a ticket office and a sign for the Red Bus, so next, he looked for other symbols. “Tickets Office,” there was a sign in the distance, but as soon as he could see, there was another sign. “With tickets” and “Without tickets.” The queue was getting long, and he assumed it would be full in another hour, so he left for the tickets cue that said: “with tickets.” That was the right choice because in another half an hour the ticket queue was full. There were so many people that cars and hordes of visitors flocked to the Lower Aerial Cableway.
Cape Town that month had experienced an influx in visitors due to the publicity of Table Mountain’s international status as a New 7 Wonder of Nature and it being a warm sunny day without clouds. Matthew had read that some days the cloud covers Table Mountain in what is known as the “Table Cloth,” suitable name, but today it was bright and with an excellent reason. It was a dry season.
The dry season is ten months out of the year, so Matthew thought it would be an excellent time to plan a visit to Cape Town then. The wet season months were June-July, not a superb season if someone was looking to be in Cape Town, whether on work or holiday.
With that in mind, he set off as one of the first passengers on the newly renovated Table Mountain Cable Cars. Seventy passengers loaded up the cable car to its full capacity before announcing, “stay clear of the doors, please.” Doors closed, and he was up. 4 ½ minutes later, he reached the top of the Cable Car in what was a spectacular round-trip with the floor of the cable car rotating a full 360 Degrees. All directions provided vantage points not seen in any other way in Cape Town except for a helicopter tour. That means this ticket gave value for money! A card for less than the cost of a helicopter tour with more view and time at the top than any other in Cape Town.