10 Những điều bạn có thể và không thể làm ở Table Mountain

Hiện đã có vé Table Mountain! 👆 Bấm vào đây


10 Things You Can And Cannot Do At Table Mountain

What are some of the things that you can and cannot do at Table Mountain? These 10 things will guide you to the right behavior.

10 Good Things You Can Do

Đi bộ đường dài

Hiking on Table Mountain can be a good thing, but if you are hiking without the right gear, it can turn bad. Keep to the trail, and all good!

Tham quan

Sightseeing in Cape Town is exciting. Cameras out! Take in some photos of the Waterfront and Table Mountain’s high top.

Ngắm chim

Birds are abundant on Table Mountain, and many are indigenous to South Africa. Many birds are local to Table Mountain Nature Reserve.

Taking the Cable Car

Các Aerial Cableway is the fastest way up Table Mountain vs hiking for those with tickets. Friends, couples, and families welcome

Standing in the right line

Observe the lines at Table Mountain; there are two. One for ticket holders and one for those without passes. Be wise and buy beforehand.

Buying tickets online before

Since the line is so long for people without tickets to Table Mountain, we recommend buying back to avoid disappointment.

Safely Navigating the walking path

There are many trails on Table Mountain, including the direct Platteklip Gorge route, leading up to the Aerial Cableway.

Finding hidden photography spots

Instagram photos taken on Table Mountain, make their way to the ocean of worldwide web pictures. Secret places are numerous for pics.

Listening to music on top of the mountain.

Beat the mountain to your drum or drum the mountain to your beat. Play music along the path to find the rhythm to your tune.

Touching the plants, flowers, and vegetation

Table Mountain has more plant species per square kilometer than many Amazonian rain forest sections. Picking, không. Touching, yes.

10 Bad Things You Can’t Do (And Why)

Fires (including cigarettes

A big NO, fires are prohibited on Table Mountain for the apparent reason that they cause forest burn and loss of many innocent lives.

We’re even adding another paragraph here to emphasize that NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED on Table Mountain. Don’t do it.

Picking plants

Touching plants are okay, but picking is prohibited because it takes away from the vegetation, which prevents soil erosion. Landslides happen.

Stepping on flowers

Why would you want to step on the flowers anyway, aren’t they pretty? Besides providing photogenic opportunities, they are for the bees.

Killing wild animals

Wow, would there be anyone to hurt this cute Dassie? (Pictured above). Wild animals are part of the reserve and protected by law.

Making alterations to the path

SANParks, a Cape Town management team, maintains Table Mountain. Changing tracks that they added routes to is strictly prohibited.

Taking photos on dangerous spots

Large rocks called boulders are at the edge of Table Mountain. These rocks make for good pictures but are risky.

Standing on or outside the cable car

The Cable Car, Aerial Cableway, maintains an indemnity and disclaimer. Risks of visiting Table Mountain National Park stated clearly.

Selling tickets at the Aerial Cableway

Resale of tickets at the upper and lower Aerial Cableway banned due to the shady sellers with dark glasses. Table Mountain bundled cards.

Ignoring the signs and throwing trash

Let’s say that you ignored every other warning, other than do not throw garbage. For the love of Dassies, do not throw trash on the mountain.

Idling at the Cable Car Aerial Cableway

Cars idling at the lower aerial cableway met with a green-shirted staff member from Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, move on quickly.

Tóm tắt, người ta có thể tận hưởng một ngày trên núi ngập tràn ánh nắng nhưng đừng làm những điều này 10 nhiều thứ. Trên hết, Chúc bạn có một khoảng thời gian vui vẻ nhưng hãy nhớ an toàn khi đi lên Núi Bàn.

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