Thời gian khám phá chuyến đi trong ngày ở Table Mountain

How Much Time Do You need For Table Mountain

The amount of time that one needs to visit Table Mountain depends on the purpose of travel. Whether for nature, đi bộ đường dài, or the cable car. Sightseeing is another typical pattern of visitors coming to view Table Mountain.

Most, Tuy nhiên, spend a fair amount of time on top. Table Mountain hosts visitors on average for 2-3 hours for a reasonable amount of time. Hầu hết các ngày, Tuy nhiên, could get busy. On busy days, the cable car could take an additional 1-3 giờ, making the average time spent on Table Mountain up to 6 giờ. Half-day trips in Cape Town, such as a 6 hour Table Mountain expedition, are recommended to relax and destress from city life. Most people want to take an average of 4 hours on the uppermost deck of the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, with views over Cape Town. The majority, though, may miss out on all that the New 7 Wonder of Nature has to offer, including hiking, birdwatching, and photography.

Hoạt động giải trí trên Table Mountain even are as varied as taking a relaxing break at the Café and restaurant, with a hot beverage. An example of an average time to go up Table Mountain usually has these components.

Essentials of Table Mountain Visiting

Visit the cable car early – Get an early start to your day

Table Mountain day-trips during the morning can be a better start to your day, with Table Mountain tickets. Hand in the cards to get early access.

Getting an early start will afford you the time to avoid the crowd, hordes of people that go there for the mid-morning rush.

Take it easy and get in some early sunshine before heading down before noon. Snack or eat out in Cape Town Central.

Table Mountain also starts early, as soon as 8:30 with the morning tickets. Get there first and enjoy a less crowded day.

Go in the afternoon – Sunset specials are also popular

Sunset time on Table Mountain is that peaceful hour of the day that needs no commitment to other responsibilities.

The duration Table Mountain takes in the afternoon can be stretched out as needed.

Most people searching for sunset specials are looking for those tickets to Table Mountain during the peak hours of the afternoon.

We’d recommend taking a sunset cable car up and relaxing on top of the Upper Aerial Cableway and restaurant.

Must-do things on top of Table Mountain

Table Mountain café (30 phút – 1 giờ)

Table Mountain café has all the buzz without the added hassle of getting stuck in a queue. Buffet options are available with a selection of drinks.

We’d recommend the Table Mountain croissant with a glass of white wine for sunset, or a breakfast of eggs and bacon with a coffee/tea.

The most delicious thing about the café is that there is a wide selection. Everybody can eat well on top of the Mountain for a reasonable cost.

Visitors are lucky enough to view the desk of the restaurant with Table Mountain tickets, keep your eyes full till the next meal.

Dassie sightings (5-15 phút)

Dassies thường xuyên nhìn thấy trên Núi Bàn nhưng đừng quá mang đi và cưng nựng sinh vật vì chúng cắn người.

Mang theo máy ảnh và chụp ảnh những sinh vật này đang nhai chuối ném ra ngoài hoặc một trong những vật được vứt vào thùng rác.

Nuôi dưỡng chúng thật nhiều tình yêu thương - ở khoảng cách xa và giữ trong tầm một cánh tay những chiếc răng và móng vuốt sắc nhọn của chúng.

Chỉ cưng nựng chúng nếu chúng nhảy vào người bạn và bắt đầu hát karaoke cho Shakira’s 2010 Quả bóng đá FIFA World Cup hit.

Rửa tay sau khi chạm vào Dassies vì ​​chúng có thể mang mầm bệnh, con chí, hoặc núi đất.

Nhiếp ảnh (15-45 phút)

Có quá nhiều thứ để chụp ảnh trên Núi Bàn, cho dù chim và ong hay khí hậu xanh tốt kéo dài đến tận Cape Point.

Dành thời gian để thưởng ngoạn quang cảnh từ Núi Bàn ở độ cao 1km trên mực nước biển. Theo đó, ngạc nhiên trước vẻ đẹp của thiên nhiên và chụp một số bức ảnh.

Các phương tiện truyền thông xã hội như Facebook tràn ngập các bài đăng lâu đời về Table Mountain Cape Town, một số có chú thích mới về các chuyến đi trước đây.

Post your moments about Table Mountain and extend your trip with Vlogs and postings about your travels in South Africa.

Most of the travel South Africa blogs include Table Mountain as the prized possession of their media inventory.

Thư giãn (5-15 phút)

Relax on top of Cape Townshighlands, a modest peak of over 1km. Spectacular views and the most unobstructed vantages.

Put or dangle feet over large boulders, some dozens of meters high. Revel in nature on a relaxing fifteen-minute experience.

Find out what it is that you need to relax on the Mountain and take a day trip to one of Cape Town’s first mountains.

Sometimes there are secluded spots, hidden from plain sight, without the people on the path, without footsteps – only natural sounds.

Ending Table Mountain day-trip

Line up at the cable car (15-30 phút)

The most exciting part of the journey is the return trip down. Table Mountain has fantastic views in 360 degrees on the Cable Car.

Find your spot among seventy other people on the revamped Aerial Cableway. Let yourself feel the wind out of the windows.

The cable car does not upset the balance of nature and harmony. Take photos at a leisurely pace.

Sometimes the line can get long while waiting for the Table Mountain cable car at the end of a day trip, so take some views in at the upper deck.

Snatch souvenirs (15-30 phút)

Before heading down on the cable car, Table Mountain shop has all the things you need to bring back home.

Try buying some of their souvenirs such as bags, plants, mugs or t-shirts –been there done that.

Fussing over having a tax-free customs package with a slip, Table Mountain shop does all the packing for customers.

Tóm tắt, most people choose to take an average of 2-3 giờ with the uppermost percentage looking to spend a half-day on the Mountain.