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General Terms and conditions.
 (Version effective as of 1st January 2020)

Table Mountain tickets are valid for a one-way trip and/or
return trip depending on the type of cards issued at the time of the purchase. Services inclusive of tickets
purchased are valid for the intended time and date ranges.

The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway may close at any time at
the sole discretion of the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway company. Table
Mountain Tickets do not influence the Cable Car operations.

Table Mountain Cable Car annual maintenance is usually
between the 8th of July and the 29th of August each year. Table Mountain Aerial
Cableway company is responsible during this time for business hours.

Children under four traveling on the Cable Car usually do
not need to have Table Mountain Tickets. Guardians or parents of visiting
children under the age of 18 must often be present.

Table Mountain Tickets may be presented as electronic
vouchers to the staff on duty when requested at the turnstile. Such tickets are
readable so long as barcodes are large enough to be scanned by the machine/s.

Refunds are not possible with Table Mountain Tickets, và
the purchaser/s may consult the relevant party issuing the tickets independent
of Table Mountain Tickets website’s T’s and C’s.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway reserves the right to change
ticket cost and operation hours without prior notice to the user/s and/or
purchasers of such tickets through Table Mountain Tickets.

Third-party Terms and Conditions may apply in addition to
Vé lên núi Bàn. User/s and/or purchaser/s are responsible for
maintaining knowledge and stay updated on Terms and Conditions.

Table Mountain Tickets Terms and Conditions are subject to
the current version published on TableMountainTickets.com at the time of use.
The user accepts the Terms and Conditions by using the website.

Our Terms and Conditions provide specific provisions to
limit liability, allocate risk, or constitute knowledge and facts by giving
information. Special attention may be given to the words.

 Limited ability to recover from losses incurred as a
result of using websites associated with and including Table Mountain Tickets
maintains the sole purpose of these Terms and Conditions.

All transactions and use of websites, including Table
Mountain Tickets and domains that are directly and indirectly associated with
the purchasing of tickets is on the premise that the user is above 18.

Table Mountain Tickets users not yet of legal age need
guardians above the legal age to interact with the websites for tickets.
Consent needs to be obtained from guardians in cases where minors are allowed

Terms and Conditions on the Table Mountain Tickets website
may change from time to time. Responsibility for keeping updated on TableMountainTickets.com
Terms and Conditions is the users.

Table Mountain Tickets is not affiliated with, associated,
authorized, endorsed by or in any way officially connected with the companies,
mainly the Aerial Cableway company as well as other services.

Table Mountain Tickets reserves it’s right as a registered
brand name, and any related names, marks, emblems, and/or images are the
property of the respective companies unrelated in trademarks.

Material on TableMountainTickets.com is for editorial and
descriptive purposes. Table Mountain Tickets makes no claim to the use of
trademark names and images or suggestions of endorsement.

Table Mountain Tickets has made an attempt to highlight all
relevant words which may be of significance to authors, publishers, and/or
companies of the respective terms holding trademark status.

Trademark status of particular words cannot be emphasized
due to the relevant category of services arising out of the use of the tickets
website, and other propriety rights may exist on the site.

Table Mountain Tickets does not express judgment or intend
to affect the validity of the legal status of any word or trademark, including
other proprietary marks from the use of tickets being offered service.

Hyperlinks and the redirection of the user on Table
Mountain Tickets websites do not affect the validity of the Terms and
Conditions if found to be broken, including those who are temporarily

Fees arising out of the use of Table Mountain Tickets
website is the sole responsibility of the user. Table Mountain Tickets makes no
claim for the compensation of costs arising through the use of the website.

The usage of the website is intended for the user to
purchase Table Mountain tickets. Misusage of Table Mountain Tickets website,
including the illegal distribution of material are all prohibited.

Redistribution of the material provided on Table Mountain
Tickets website is strictly prohibited, and those actions which utilize the
content provided by Table Mountain Tickets are not permitted.

Users may not use the Table Mountain Tickets’ website in a
manner that would bring the company, employees, or affiliates into a dispute
with other businesses, natural persons, or conflicting tickets service.

Unlawful usage of Table Mountain Tickets’ website is
strictly prohibited and any governing laws of The Republic of South Africa.
Users are prohibited from infringing upon the rights of any person or company.

Third-party rights-violating is prohibited though the
distribution of material which is obscene, misleading, inaccurate, defamatory,
and not legal in breach of copyright or intellectual property rights.

Notice may not be given to users in violation of rights
leading to deletion, removal, or detention of information leading to unlawful
practices being stored and/or removed by Table Mountain Tickets.

The content found on Table Mountain Tickets is usually not
monitored, edited, controlled, or filtered if submitted by website users and
comments, blog, forums, and chat groups are not endorsed.

Table Mountain Tickets does not represent the views of its
users and does not authorize such information either endorsing information
arising out of websites, including those of third-party websites.

Proprietary rights, including without limitation
trademarks, copyright, and patent rights on the website, and the content
thereof belong to Table Mountain Tickets, and the licensors are website

Collective works and derivative works created incorporating
content from one or more users remains the property of Table Mountain Tickets;
Tuy nhiên, original content submitted remains users.

Information submitted to Table Mountain Tickets grants the
website administrators and third parties irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide,
transferable, sub-licensable, and royalty-free license to distribute.

The distribution includes being free from any restriction,
including by modifying, reproducing, compiling, publishing, publicly allowing,
distributing, broadcasting, and promoting any and all material.

Table Mountain Tickets does not guarantee the information
provided by using the website. Users are responsible for verifying information
arising out of the site and any information through third parties.

Information received through the use of the website may
contain malicious code, including viruses and/or malware. Users of the data are
responsible for independently checking.

Access to Table Mountain Tickets website is provided free
of charge and is done so at the user’s own risk. Table Mountain Tickets is not
responsible for any loss or damage arising from the use of the website.

The liability of Table Mountain Tickets is limited by the
laws of the Republic of South Africa for any claim in connection with website
usage. Table Mountain Tickets is not responsible for negligence.

Table Mountain Tickets and the website hardware and
software including the content and services provided are limited by such that
cannot be expressible and are otherwise governed by law.

The website is provided at the sole discretion of Table
Mountain Tickets, and the right is reserved to change, modify or discontinue
parts of features or features in its entirety, including the services or other.

Updates to the Terms and Condition is the user’s
responsibility to stay informed and keep updated on the changes. Núi Bàn
Tickets reserves the right at its sole discretion to change the T’s and C’s.

Passwords may be required and account creation through the
use of the website or third-party providers. Transactions concluded on the
accounts of the users are made on the basis of the user’s liability.

Personalized services may be offered through the use of
data provided by users when entering personal details; Tuy nhiên, such
information to Table Mountain Tickets is used for experience has driven

Interesting information may be shared with the intended
email after tickets are purchases or when contacting Table Mountain Tickets
communicating interest in relevant information to the end-user.

Affiliated entities or individuals may access confidential
information, and confidential or sensitive information should not be shared
with Table Mountain Tickets unless it is non-confidential in its release.

Providing information to Table Mountain Tickets is subject
to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and other notices displayed on the
website. Information provided may be used in accordance with T’s and C’s.

Information may also be used for processing Table Mountain
Ticket orders and modifications as well as supporting the user to website
interactions. The collection of user information may be ongoing.

Table Mountain Tickets may filter incoming or outgoing
messages to identify, limit and/or prevent the transmission of unlawful or
other material and/or content. Information may be kept for later use.

Tickets Terms and Conditions.

Table Mountain Tickets website quotes the price of services
in different currencies based on a number of user preferences and the payment
processor for which may be out of the control of the website.

Prices displayed unless otherwise stated are in South
African Rands (ZAR). Prices may be subject to currency exchanges with multiple
vendors or service providers along the chain to provide tickets.

Additional fees may be charged to the advertised price of
the Table Mountain tickets and users accept liability for other costs such as
conversions, exchange rates, currency fluctuations, and bank fees.

Table Mountain Tickets is a service for tickets on behalf of the providers,
company, or organization. As such, Table Mountain Tickets may charge a
premium in addition to the base cost of the price of the goods and/or services.

Purchases of tickets may be subject to additional fees in
the structure of the base cost of Table Mountain tickets. Included in the price
of the advertised Table Mountain tickets may be costs not visible to users.

Premiums for Table Mountain Tickets may or may not include
value-added services and/or products that users accept by entering the Terms
and Conditions of the website. Such add-ons to the tickets are not guaranteed.

Added products and / or services provided with Table
Mountain Tickets are “as is” and without warranty or guarantee. Users accept
that value-added services and/or products are all-inclusive in the premium cost
of tickets.

Services and / or products sold included with Table Mountain
Tickets are non-refundable and inseparable from the total cost. Purchases are
not refundable, whether in part or as a whole of the premium tickets cost.

By using the website Table Mountain Tickets, users accept
premium ticket prices for the Table Mountain Cable Car. Rates of which are
advertised on the website are the base cost plus a premium for Table Mountain

Table Mountain Tickets provides a service to users and collects
payments for those services on behalf of each company. Therefore each service
inclusive of tickets are subject to the specific Terms and Conditions of each company.

Tickets sold through the website are non-redeemable for
purposes other than the intended use. Table Mountain Tickets provides a service
which may include the admission to the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Cable Car.

Users are at the sole responsibility of familiarizing
themselves with the Terms and Conditions, notices, and any other communications
intended for purchasers of Table Mountain tickets. Third-party Terms and
Conditions apply.

Ticket redistribution by purchasers are prohibited, and by distributing Table Mountain
tickets for unauthorized usage, the purchaser voids such tickets and permits the website
to redistribute the voided tickets to other users.

Tickets purchased from the website may not be used for
purposes intended for advertising, promotion, or objects other than the
intended use. Trademarks of the website/s may not be used.

Tickets purchased via the website are intended to be used
as a one per one basis. One Table Mountain ticket permits one user with one
uniquely identified barcode to enter the Aerial Cableway.

Table Mountain tickets that have been lost, stolen,
damaged, or destroyed are the liability of purchasers. Corrupted electronic
communication, including tickets, is not under warranty.

Table Mountain tickets are non-refundable via the website.
Any refunds or requests for cancellations, changes and/or modifications for
tickets by purchasers must go through the relevant channel for evaluation.

Refunds may be processed using the same method of payment
used for payment when making the booking. Table Mountain tickets may be issued
for a refund using the same method purchasers used to pay.

Tickets provided after payment contain unique barcode/s
and/or access codes. Users are responsible for keeping such identification
numbers and loss, theft, or damage to information is the purchaser’s liability.

Barcode/s and/or access codes are usually sent within 24
hours from the time payment is received by Table Mountain Tickets. Tuy vậy,
there are exceptions that are outlined in Terms and Conditions.

Purchasing tickets means that the user/s and/or purchaser/s
of Table Mountain tickets release the right to a formal proceeding before a
consumer arbitration board and release Table Mountain Tickets.

User/s and/or purchaser/s of tickets relinquish Table
Mountain Tickets: it’s owners, creator, third parties, and/or subcontractors of
all liability from claim/s arising out of consumer arbitrated proceedings or

Booking Terms and Conditions.

Users under the age of 18 require the consent of a parent
or guardian. Tickets purchased through Table Mountain Tickets are providing
that users are of legal age to provide personal details and buy tickets.

Under 18’s may not supply personal information or falsify
individual details for tickets via Table Mountain Tickets. Identity documents
confirming age may be requested prior to accepting bookings.

Table Mountain tickets are obtained by filling out the
designated forms and making payment. Payment is processed by third parties, và
users’ financial data are not stored by the Table Mountain Tickets website.

Tickets are subject to a booking process, and afterward,
transactions are presented to Users to review, correct, acknowledge, hoặc
withdraw. Payments are final, and usually, tickets are non-refundable bookings.

Booking details are final, and tickets purchased through
Table Mountain Tickets are unlikely to be rectified later after payment. Các
number of tickets issued may be limited to prevent unfair business practices.

Payments submitted on the Table Mountain Tickets website
conclude agreements between User and Table Mountain Tickets. Payments finalized
are subject to the website’s Terms and Conditions.

Table Mountain Tickets makes the decision on whether or not
to accept the concluded agreement between Table Mountain Tickets and users.
Table Mountain Tickets may void the contract without prior notice.

User/s are responsible for reviewing all of the website’s
Các điều khoản và điều kiện, Privacy Policy, and other notices, including disclaimers before
making payment for tickets on the website or third party.

Payment constitutes towards completion of the booking and
legally binds users to Terms and Conditions and policies outlined on the
website, including these Terms and Conditions of upwards ticket suppliers.

Table Mountain Tickets reserves the right not to provide
tickets to users on completion of the booking. In such instances, the users
usually are given notice at the email contact details provided.

In particular, those persons booking Table Mountain Tickets
under the minimum age are disqualified from placing an order without the
consenting parent or guardian making the order for the user.

Booking confirmations are not guaranteed to be received by
users. Tuy vậy, Table Mountain Tickets generally sends a booking confirmation
after successful payments are made by users.

Notifications which Table Mountain Tickets sends may be
corrupted or damaged upon being received by the user. Users accept liability in
the cases that the correspondences are unreadable or undelivered.

Failure of the user to view the confirmation of booking
along with the Table Mountain tickets does not affect the validity of the
agreement/s concluded between user and Table Mountain Tickets in the end.

Users are responsible for confirming that bookings have
been placed successfully after making payment. Errors or interruptions users
experience while making a booking are liable by the users.

Table Mountain Tickets holds no liability users may incur
assuming the bookings have been placed, processed, and/or completed without the
booking notification or adequate notice of booking and payment.

Changes to information are the sole responsibility of the
users to notify Table Mountain Tickets for making amendments. No guarantees are
made that information can be changed once bookings are complete.

Users may not put forward amended Terms and Conditions and
subject Table Mountain Tickets to Terms and Conditions beyond the website’s
Các điều khoản và điều kiện. User incorporated T’s and C’s are void and null.

Table Mountain Tickets maintains records on users booking
purchases and accesses bookings to provide improvements to user experience.
User records may be denied on request to Table Mountain Tickets.

Payment Terms and Conditions.

Users are responsible for submitting payment information
with bookings. Users submitting a booking authorize the website Table Mountain
Tickets and third parties to debit payment from the data.

Users authorize Table Mountain Tickets and third parties,
including payment processors, to obtain payment from the users provided
information at any time succeeding a website booking request.

Table Mountain Tickets is not obligated to provide users
with tickets prior to receiving payment in full, and having checked that payment
adheres to the Terms and Conditions set forth on the website.

Users warrant that payment information submitted to Table
Mountain Tickets and third-party payment processors are permitted to complete
such actions. Users above 18 may not send a payment for others.

Warranty and Liability.

Table Mountain Tickets does not warrant the same and
disclaim the maximum extent permitted by law and any liability arising from
omissions and inaccuracies caused by negligence and/or fraud.

Table Mountain Tickets holds no liability for any indirect,
special, or consequential losses or any kind whatsoever arising in connection
with any booking, including negligence saved by the extent to which covered.

In no event will Table Mountain Tickets be liable for more
than the amount of the ticket paid on the website. Irrespective of whether
causes of the claim are contractual, statute, delict, or negligence.

Attending Table Mountain National Park and the Aerial
Cableway is at risk of the person/s and/or animals accompanying the tickets for
loss, theft, or damage to property, persons, or animals using the tickets.

Communication Terms and Conditions.

Incorporated with communication in addressing Table
Mountain Tickets website and its creators, modifiers or administrators are the
following pieces of information that must accompany a users’ request.

User/s and purchaser/s full name/s, physical address/es,
telephone number/s, email/s, invoice number/s, receipt number/s, problem/s with
the ticket/s, company, website or person/s, action/s or remedy.

Included with the correspondence must be a statement
confirming the information is submitted in good faith. A statement confirming
the information is correct according to the user/s and/or purchasers.

In the communication, please include the user/s and/or
purchaser/s signatures or both if the user/s are different from the purchasers
enquiring on behalf of the purchaser/s making ticket booking/s.

Table Mountain Tickets’ digital services are subject to the
laws of the Republic of South Africa and SA jurisdiction of the South African
magistrate’s court for a dispute arising and in connection with use.

User/s and/or purchasers accept that physical address/es
submitted on communication may be used for purposes, including serving of
notices. User/s and/or purchaser/s are responsible for informing of changes.

Provisions of the agreement not honored by the tickets
website and it’s creators, owners, and staff at Table Mountain Tickets does not
influence other parts of the agreement remaining in effect and ongoing.

User/s and/or purchasers may not subcontract, cede,
delegate and/or transfer rights, obligations, and/or duties to anyone,
including all businesses, trusts, and/or natural persons and/or third parties.

Table Mountain Tickets may cede, delegate, or transfer it’s
rights, obligations, or duties to third parties, including businesses, trusts,
individuals, and third parties in the entirety of the Ts and Cs.

Unpreventable occurrences hindering Table Mountain Tickets’
ability to perform duties resulting in delays are excused by user/s and/or
purchasers. Table Mountain Tickets failure likewise is excused.