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Ngọn núi quái thú tuyệt vời này rất đáng để tham quan - ngay cả một đứa trẻ mới biết đi cũng có thể tận hưởng ngọn núi có đỉnh bằng phẳng.

Núi Bàn là một thảm họa thiên nhiên lớn, mọc lên từ đáy đại dương một số 330 triệu năm trước.

Hôm nay nó (Núi Bàn) ngọn tháp cao hơn 1km, trải dài 3km. Choáng ngợp trước mắt thường.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway ticket prices to the calamity of a mountain top are well-priced for every occasion.

Most people know the mountain as Tafelburg (AKA Table Mountain). Locally named the Table Top.

Once tickets are bought for the old-timer – there’s no turning back. One MUST ride the Cableway.

Chỉ một 4 ½ phút, and turning a full 360 độ theo mọi hướng. Mechanically the Aerial Cableway is a masterpiece.

German-built over two decades ago, the Aerial Cableway was designed to shuttle passengers up Table Mountain.

Housing more than two dozen people, original tickets bought to the Cape Town attraction was painfully slow.

Ngày nay, the Cable car boosts an upgraded ticket system and supports over 70 Mọi người (that’s right seventy!).

Systems in place for upgrades provide a competitive edge to the monopolies on the Cableway – no point arguing here.

Demand has soared recently, as the event of FIFA 2010 Soccer world cup brought Table Mountain to light.

Famous songs of Cape Town include Shakira’s Waka Wakaeh eh,” and other locally known artists.

Those singers are bolstering Cape Town’s international tourism to its most beautiful in decades with the recent advancements in technology.

Tickets priced according to the annual maintenance of Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, naturally occurring once per year.

Other factors influencing Table Mountain Cableway ticket prices include demand and the for-profit status of the company.

TMACC is the managing company of Table Mountain Aerial Cableway. The organization supports a for-profit program.

Tuy nhiên, supported is TMACC in its initiative to bring tourism and for its efforts to conserve wildlife.

Tourism is the primary industry for Table Mountain tickets, even though South Africans also enjoy the opportunity.

Coupled with tickets are prices for those who can not afford the opportunity to go up Table Mountain cable car.

Those in need can apply to a support program none other than with the people who fill dreams—south African company WISH.

Các tổ chức phi lợi nhuận hỗ trợ những người có nhu cầu có tuổi thọ thấp để biến ước mơ của họ thành hiện thực.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway có ưu đãi tương tự trên vé của họ dành cho những người Nam Phi không thể cung cấp chi phí đi lại đầy đủ.

Ưu đãi sinh nhật đặc biệt và mức giá cao cấp bao gồm tất cả cho công dân SA (xin lỗi người nước ngoài) – cho những ai muốn đi cáp treo.

Chúng tôi ủng hộ việc người nước ngoài cũng nên có vé Núi Bàn miễn phí vào ngày sinh nhật của họ. Rốt cuộc - một quốc gia.

Chưa kể rằng những người không phải là công dân Nam Phi cũng sẽ đi du lịch vào dịp sinh nhật của họ - hãy nói về những dịp đặc biệt.

Lợi ích khác của việc cung cấp vé miễn phí cho công dân các nước khác vào ngày sinh nhật của họ là công khai. Chất lượng không thể tin được.

Người nước ngoài được giáo dục tốt - những người chủ yếu đi du lịch đến Cape Town, có trình độ giáo dục chất lượng chưa từng có.

Còn gì nữa, những tấm vé được cung cấp miễn phí mang đến cơ hội du lịch tốt hơn, tăng tỷ lệ bán hàng.

Không chờ đợi, let’s introduce you to frequently asked questions about Bảng giá vé cáp treo trên không Table Mountain.

Most of these are common knowledge, but some might surprise you. Stay tuned for four questions about ticket prices.

Bảng giá vé cáp treo trên không Table Mountain

Besides some shenanigans such as Table Mountain free birthday special, we are going to debunk some common myths.
Let’s not get too excited because the common myths might be self-explanatory. I am reviewing the next four questions.
It only takes four questions because those are the most common, now begin withHow much does a Table Mountain ticket cost?”.
After proceeding to visitors buying tickets at the Cableway (rather than online), we explore what the best time to ascend is.

#1 How much does a Table Mountain ticket cost?

My oh my, it’s a Table Mountain ticket! Willy Wonka’s factory is around the corner. A golden ticket to Table Mountain anyone?
Freaking awesome, state of the art, cable car ticket with costs for the New Year to the most mighty mountain in Cape Town.
Are you excited already? I know we are because Table Mountain tickets cost is lower than they ever have been. Specials are here!
Table Mountain tickets cost found on our website, on this page included, are the updated prices for the current year.

#2 Can visitors buy tickets at Table Mountain Cableway?

Yes – but should you do it? Không. Tất nhiên rồi, there are ways to buy tickets at Table Mountain; some are better than others.
Table Mountain Tickets is a provider of information and bundled tickets to the Cableway, better than buying on the day.
Table Mountain Cableway not equipped to deal with visitors during peak season, taking upwards of an hour to get in line.
Tickets provided on this site are the preferred way by many choosing to buy Tickets to Table Mountain. We agree.

#3 What is the best time to go up Table Mountain cable car?

Best times go hand in hand with Cape Town weather. Some prefer mornings, while others enjoy afternoons.
We’d say pick the time that works for you and worry about the rest later. Be concerned if it’s raining or wind is above 30km/h.
Usually, during those times, the cable car is closed, and you’ll have to make other arrangements. A following day is an option.
Thường xuyên nhất, tickets used in the morning with afternoons being the second-best option. The afternoon is equally popular.

#4 Can visitors go up Table Mountain for free on a birthday?

Yes and no, maybe. Depending on whether you are a South African citizen, we argue that everyone should be free.
không may, Table Mountain Aerial Cableway has chosen that those with valid ID stating the origins of SA are only allowed free.
Those include South African ID but also can negotiate deals with the Cableway for seniors and SA businesses.
Tóm tắt, these are the commonly asked questions for Table Mountain Aerial Cableway ticket prices.